Adsorption and Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials

Rolando M.A. Roque-Malherbe

March 5, 2007 by CRC Press
Reference - 288 Pages - 95 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781420046755 - CAT# 46756


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  • Dedicates an entire chapter to statistical physics, particularly useful for scientists with little or no training in this area
  • Provides a detailed treatment of density functional theory in the study of fluid adsorption in enclosed porous systems
  • Focuses on the analysis of microporous crystalline, mesoporous ordered, and micro- and mesoporous amorphous materials
  • Presents the necessary equations for calculating adsorption in porous systems rates, pore volume, pore size distribution, and more
  • Includes two chapters on the synthesis and modification of silica, active carbons, zeolites, and related materials, and mesoporous molecular sieves
  • Summary

    As nanomaterials get smaller, their properties increasingly diverge from their bulk material counterparts. Written from a materials science perspective, Adsorption and Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials describes the methodology for using single-component gas adsorption and diffusion measurements to characterize nanoporous solids.

    Concise, yet comprehensive, the book covers both equilibrium adsorption and adsorption kinetics in dynamic systems in a single source. It presents the theoretical and mathematical tools for analyzing microporosity, kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport processes of the adsorbent surface. Then it examines how these measurements elucidate structural and morphological characteristics of the materials. Detailed descriptions of the phenomena include diagrams, essential equations, and fully derived, concrete examples based on the author's own research experiences and insight. The book contains chapters on statistical physics, dynamic adsorption in plug flow bed reactors, and the synthesis and modification of important nanoporous materials. The final chapter covers the principles and applications of adsorption for multicomponent systems in the liquid phase.

    Connecting recent advances in adsorption characterization with developments in the transport and diffusion of nanoporous materials, this book is ideal for scientists involved in the research, development, and applications of new nanoporous materials.