Myocardial Tissue Engineering

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ISBN 9789814411318
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  • Includes information from basic research to clinical application on myocardial tissue engineering
  • Covers principles of tissue engineering technologies
  • Demonstrates recent advances in myocardial tissue engineering, especially beating heart tissue/organ fabrication


This book broadly summarizes myocardial tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, which consists of myocardial cell sources, cell therapy for damaged hearts, and tissue engineering technologies for fabricating beating hearts. It focuses on myocardial cell source, cardiac cells differentiated from embryonic stem (ES)/ induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Several chapters highlight innovative technologies developed to overcome the vascularization problem. Remarkable results obtained in the past and the present and challenges for the future in myocardial tissue engineering research field are described in the book.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Cell Sources for Myocardial tissue Engineering. Cell therapy for Myocardial Infarction in Clinical Trials. Tissue Engineering. Myocardial Patches. Pulsatile Myocardial Tissue Engineering. Future Developments.