Handbook of Personalized Medicine

Handbook of Personalized Medicine: Advances in Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery, and Therapy

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  • Features crucial multidisciplinary cutting-edge advancements that possess the potential to enable practical and broad utility of personalized medicine decisions in prognosis, diagnosis and drug delivery
  • Presents interdisciplinary thematic issues contributing to wide, feasible and cost-affordable implementation of personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics into routine healthcare is innovative, comprehensive and informative
  • Includes contributions from leading scientists actively engaged in research within their area of expertise


This book compiles multidisciplinary efforts to conceptualize the environment in research and clinical setting that creates the fertile ground for the practical utility of personalized medicine decisions and also enables clinical pharmacogenomics for establishing pharmacotyping in drug prescription. Its covers innovative drug formulations and nanotheranostics, molecular imaging and signatures, translational nanomedicine and informatics, stem cell therapy approaches, modeling and predictability of drug response, pharmacogenetics-guided drug prescription, pediatric drug dosing, pharmacovigilance and regulatory aspects, ethical and cost-effectiveness issues, pharmacogenomics knowledge bases, personal genome sequencing, molecular diagnostics, as well as information-based medicine.

Table of Contents

Implementation of pharmacogenetics in evidence-based medicine
Pharmacotyping-based drug prescription
Pharmacogenetics-guided antithrombotic therapy
Translational bioinformatics and systems biology
Predictive genomic signatures
Personalizing stem cell therapeutic potential
RNAi nanomedicines
Nanotechnology advancements for personalized medicine
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacovigilance
Genetic variability of cytochrome P450 drug metabolizing enzymes
Developmental Pharmacology and Pediatric Drug Dosing
Functional mapping of drug response
Predictive molecular signatures
Information-based medicine
Simcyp population-based ADME simulator
The Coriell personalized medicine collaborative
Drug bioavailability and gene profiling
Safety assessment in nanotechnology
In vivo pharmacology
Biostatistics and text mining
Intersection of pharmacology, imaging, and genetics
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
Personalized medicine in breast cancer
Personalized therapy of metabolic diseases
Molecular biomarkers and imaging
Pharmacogenomics of drug-induced hepatotoxicity
Education programs for pharmacogenomics
Computerized clinical decision support systems for prescribing
Therapeutic drug monitoring
Cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenomics
Ethical and legal pharmacogenomics issues

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