Mass Transport of Nanocarriers

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  • Follows nanoparticles from the site of injection to the site of action
  • Covers biological transport and barriers throughout the body
  • Highlights research tools for tracking nanoparticles


This book describes barriers from the macro to the nanoscale, starting with endothelial and mucosal barriers, and ending with cellular organelles. Experimental approaches to track nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo are presented, as well as the ability to tailor-make nanoparticles for specific functions. Several model types of nanoparticles are presented, as well the impact of particle attributes on biological transport.

Table of Contents

Mass Transport: Barriers and Opportunities for Drug Delivery, R Serda
Biological barriers: targeting and crossing the endothelilum, S Ferrati, B Melendez and A Mack
Stromal barriers to delivery, R Hwang
Mucosal barriers to drug- and gene- nanoparticles, M Kim and S Lai
Modeling the tumor microenvironment as a biobarrier in cancer nanotherapeutics, H Frieboes, et al.
The tumor microenvironment, C Loo
Imaging tools for cellular uptake and intracellular trafficking, J Burks
Endocytosis, N Sirisaengtaksin, B Brown, and A Bean
Cellular barriers to delivery, C Dempsey et al.
Nanovectors Targeting Cell Surface Receptors, S Srinivasan, et al
The fabrication and mass transport of polymeric nanocarriers, L Bai, J Sakamoto and H Shen
Morphology control of nanotextured drug carriers, T Hu & K Lin.