Biometrics: From Fiction to Practice

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  • Describes classic approaches and the latest designs in biometrics technologies and systems, including facial recognition and "smart clothes"
  • Discusses the use of biometrics in security, intelligence, law enforcement, and e-commerce applications
  • Addresses the legal ramifications of biometrics


This book introduces readers to the basic concepts, classical approaches, and the newest design, development, and applications of biometrics. It also provides a glimpse of future designs and research directions in biometrics. In addition, it discusses some latest concerns and issues in this area. Suitable for a wide range of readers, the book explains professional terms in plain English. Some concepts and designs discussed are so new that commercial systems based on them may not arrive in the market in the next 10 to 20 years.

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts, Classic Approaches and Newest Designs in Biometrics
Fingerprint Recognition
Face Recognition Iris Recognition
Speaker Recognition
Palm Print Recognition
Multimodal Biometrics

Classic Approaches and Newest Designs in Biometric Technologies and Systems
Biometrics-Based Smart ID Card
Smart Clothes for Biometrics

Challenges and Concerns in Biometrics
Spoof and Vulnerability of Biometrics
Accessibility, Usability, and Legal Challenges in Biometrics

Latest Design and the Future of Biometric Systems to Address the Challenges and Concerns in Biometrics
Cancelable Biometrics
Continuous Biometric Verification
Future Trends in Biometrics