New Generation of Europium- and Terbium-Activated Phosphors

New Generation of Europium- and Terbium-Activated Phosphors: From Syntheses to Applications

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  • Highlights recent developments in traditional materials with improved properties
  • Discusses both the semiclassical and quantum mechanical approaches and deduces the key parameters of the bands, namely, Stokes shift, mirror low for absorption and emission, temperature dependence of the half-width, zero-phonon lines, and vibronic satellites, thereby keeping a good balance between theoretical and experimental chapters
  • Serves as a starting point for students and professionals to gain an understanding of various types and mechanisms of luminescence
  • Includes an extensive bibliography for further reading


This book concentrates on the luminescence and structural properties of the new generation of europium and terbium activated phosphors, associated phenomena, and related topics, from basic principles to the most recent discoveries. It summarizes the present state of the art in this rapidly growing field. The authors describe recent developments in the areas of rare earth doped phosphors and of some new materials or well-known materials with improved properties that open up new possibilities. The areas of focus include X-ray phosphors, phosphors for light-emitting devices, emissive displays, and ?uorescent lamps. The book comprises theoretical and experimental analysis of various properties of phosphors, research methods and preparation techniques, and some promising applications.

Table of Contents

Phosphors and Luminescence
Luminescence Classification
Luminescence Terminology
Luminescent Materials
Rare Earth Activation

Synthesis of Phoshors
General Requirements of Phosphors
Solid State Methods
Wet-Chemical Methods

Phoshor Characterization
Morphology Analysis with Scanning Electron Microscopy
Cathodoluminescence Characterization
Particle Size Analysis
X-Ray Diffraction Measurements
Spectroscopic Methods in Structural, Morphology and Luminescence Characterization
Computational Materials Science

Phosphors for Different Applications
Europium and Terbium Activated CaWO
RE+ Activated Y(Ta,Nb)O-Based Phosphors
Phosphors Based on Europium Doped Oxides and Oxysulfides
Yttrium and Terbium Aluminate Phosphors Co-activated by Eu+
Thiogallate Luminescent Materials
Multiexcited Phosphors for LED Application
Other Luminescent Materials

Appendix I: The Luminescence Literature
a. Phosphor Books
b. Phosphor Reviews
Appendix II: List of Main Abbreviations

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