Nanotechnology in Health Care

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  • Covers significant applied aspects of nanotechnology with up-to-date information and its breakthrough in various fields of human health care
  • Presents comprehensive coverage of the dominant technology in various aspects of human health, supported by excellent photographs, figures, and references
  • Provides important information regarding a variety of topics that will influence improved nanomedicine and biomedical research


Nanotechnologies are among the fastest growing areas of scientific research, and this is expected to have a substantial impact on human health care, especially in biomedical applications and nanomedicine now and in the near future. In the present scenario, nanotechnology is spreading its wings to address the key problems in the field of nanomedicine and human health care by improving diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and tissue engineering. This book provides an in-depth investigation of nanotechnology-based therapy and recent advancements in this field for revolutionizing the treatments for various fatal diseases, including cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

Table of Contents

Nanomedicine: Emerging Field of Nanotechnology to Human Health
Nanomedicines: Impacts in Ocular Delivery and Targeting
Immuno-Nanosystems to CNS Pathologies: State of the Art
PEGylated Zinc Protoporphyrin: A Micelle-Forming Polymeric Drug for Cancer Therapy
ORMOSIL Nanoparticles: Nanomedicine Approach for Drug/Gene Delivery to the Brain
Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Versatile System for Therapeutic and Imaging System
Nanobiotechnology: A New Generation of Biomedicine
Application of Nanotechnology-Based Drug Delivery and Targeting to Lungs
Aptamers and Nanomedicine in Cancer
Nanotechnology for Regenerative Medicine