Nanocomputing: Computational Physics for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the computational physics for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Based on MATLAB and the C++ distributed computing paradigm, the book gives instructive explanations of the underlying physics for mesoscopic systems with many listed programs that readily compute physical properties into nanoscales. Many generated graphical pictures demonstrate not only the principles of physics, but also the methodology of computing.

Table of Contents

Little Big Science
Tools for Analysis
Mesoscopic Systems
Analytical Chapter
Numerical Chapter
Nonlinear Many-Body Physics and Transport
OOP, MPI and Parallel Computing
Low Dimensionality and Nanostructures
Special Topics

Editorial Reviews

"Following an extensive motivating introduction laced with gentle humor, Hsu guides the reader of Nanocomputing on a journey through the realms of the nano-world. Addressing primarily students and scientists knowledgeable in quantum mechanics and some level of programming, he uses sample MATLAB programs to let the engaged reader experience and quantitatively reproduce many nanoscale phenomena explored by current frontier research in physics, chemistry and biology."
—Prof. David Tomanek, Michigan State University, USA

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