Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management and Cost: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management, 18-22 October 2004, Kyoto, Japan; Set of Book and CD-ROM

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This set of book of abstracts (1004 pp) and searchable full-paper CD-ROM (>3000 pp) set contains over 350 contributions by international experts that were presented at the Second International Conference of the International Association for Bridge Maintenance in Kyoto, Japan, 2004. All major aspects of bridge maintenance, safety, management and cost are addressed, including assessment and evaluation, bridge codes, bridge diagnostics, bridge management systems, durability, deterioration modeling, emerging technologies, field testing, financial planning, health monitoring, high performance materials, inspection, loads, maintenance strategies, new technical and material concepts, nondestructive testing, rehabilitation, reliability and risk management, repair, replacement, safety and serviceability, service life prediction, strengthening, and whole life costing, among others. A valuable contribution to the process of making better and more rational decisions in bridge maintenance, safety management and cost for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society intended for researchers and professionals in bridge, structural, geotechnical and construction engineering.

Table of Contents

Asset management of infrastructures
Life cycle maintenance models
Total asset management
Reliability and risk management
New trends in bridge management
Bridge management systems in operation
Bridge management systems
Measurement and monitoring
Safety of bridges subjected to extreme loading events
Dynamics and field testing of bridges
Cable-stayed bridges: case studies
Case studies
Bridge testing and assessment
Loads and testing
Strenghtening of existing bridges
Repair and strenghtening
Structural retrofit to wind-induced vibration
Seismic analysis and retrofitting
Structural health monitoring of bridges - sponsored by IASC, International Association for Structural Control
Bridge health monitoring
Railway bridge rehabilitation
Political and other societal issues of life-cycle costing
Experience with probability-based assessment of bridges
Implemented probability-based maintenance management of bridges in Denmark
The European funded research programme: toward knowledge integration
Monitoring-based maintenance for bridge management and safety
Bridge assessment: some Italian studies
Inspection and prediction of structural performance
Identification, modeling, analysis and control of uncertainties in design of large span bridges
High-performance materials for bridges
Bridge scour
Safety of box grinder bridges
Emerging strategies for durability analysis and service life assessment of bridges
Damage assessment - strength, durability and fatigue
Design and analysis