Encyclopedia of Clinical Toxicology: A Comprehensive Guide to the Toxicology of Prescription and OTC Drugs, Chemical, Herbals, Plants, Fungi, Marine Life, Reptile and Insect Venoms, Food Ingredients, Clothing and Environmental Toxins

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  • Documents the toxicology of almost 6000 drugs, chemical and environmental toxins
  • Describes adverse effects and interactions often not reported by manufacturers, and not published in PDRs and the other standard compendia
  • Includes actual case reports that elucidate toxic events and therapy
  • Provides a complete word index to help you locate any topic by reference to substance headings
  • Covers prescription and OTC drugs, chemicals, food ingredients, plants, fungi, herbals, insects, reptiles, marine life, clothing, chemical warfare, and environmental exposures
  • Summary

    Compactly written and easy to read, Encyclopedia of Clinical Toxicology is designed for quick reference and retrieval of vital, even life-saving information about the effects, interactions, and lethal doses of thousands of toxic substances that can destroy or seriously endanger health, or even cause death. An authoritative and an unmatched resource, it stands alone as the quintessential reference for all work in this field and supplies material documented nowhere else in published texts.

    The book not only contains information otherwise impossible to find, but also describes adverse effects and interactions often not reported by manufacturers, and not published in PDRs and the other standard compendia. The author, Dr. Irving S. Rossoff, is renowned for his detailed knowledge of clinical toxicology derived from a long and extensive background in medical practice, homicide investigations and forensic science, and as a consultant on many continents to drug and chemical manufacturers, research laboratories, pathologists, coroners, governments, and courts. Based on material drawn from Dr. Rossoff's massive databank of more than 100,000 subject folders compiled over the past 60 years, the book includes actual case reports that elucidate toxic events and therapy. Encycolpedia of Clinical Toxicology provides you with a wealth of information on a vast range of substances.

    Table of Contents

    Entries are organized in alphabetical order.

    Editorial Reviews

    "The text does provide an interesting source of mostly human information on toxicity of a wide variety of substances…an interesting text and would certainly be entertaining for the enthusiastic toxicologist."
    - Lesley Reeve, BTS Newsletter, Spring 2003

    "Praised by its reviewers as a 'monumental,' 'remarkable,' 'unparalleled' 'tour de force' 'that will constitute a citation classic,' the 1500-page tome represents a 60-year compilation of material documenting the toxicology of almost 6000 drugs and chemical and environmental toxins."
    -Cornell Veterinary Medicine

    "this momentous volume is not to be taken physically or intellectually lightly! …this publication is a monument. …a great true encyclopedia of toxic materials that offers practicality and clinical experiences in addition to the scientific knowledge upon which each definition/description is based. Anyone dealing with potential or actual toxic materials will want to have access to this reference. Where else can one get a listing of all the terms relating to a toxin, its description, specific "untoward effects", its chemical interactions, specifics of its toxicity by various exposure routes and in different species, and frequently case-based toxic effects. Put your copy at your right hand as you'll be using it repeatedly with excellent results and awe for the author who compiled and documented this clinical toxicology databank."
    - Vet & Human Toxicology, October 2002

    "This monumental reference work in toxicology offers more than 6,000 entries on poisonous substances…Rossoff includes more information about herbal and over-the-counter drugs and numerous industrial and environmental chemicals because of their increasing prevalence…Highly recommended for physicians, lawyers, toxicologists, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians, and chemical industries."
    - E.L. Yang, University of Colorado, Denver, USA in CHOICE, July 2002

    "…an unparalleled contribution to the scientific literature…a reference guide that will constitute a citation classic, utilized by health professionals and scientists throughout the world."
    - Theodore R. LeBlang, J.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Humanities, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

    "An impressive up-to-date, state-of-the-art collection of those compounds that are known to elicit untoward adverse side effects, along with other facts and data, that will provide enormous benefit to those engaged in the science of drugs and other materia medica. …No pharmacologist, toxicologist, forensic scientist or medical library should be without this wealth of information. A veritable tour de force."
    - Professor Jerome Z. Litt, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

    "A monumental project… this eminent toxicologist has now produced a comprehensive and extremely usable reference in toxicology… Many reviewers will salivate over the wealth of information contained in this remarkable guide… our professional joy can only add to the encomiums of the scientific community."
    - from the foreword by Donald R. Graham, MD, FACP, and Stephen T. Randag, MD, Springfield Clinic, LLP, Illinois, USA

    "I have not seen such a comprehensive volume before. Clinical Toxicology is a remarkable idea. Accounts of symptomatology are remarkably detailed and obtained from a vast range of sources. It will be a useful reference book for forensic toxicologists, coroners, and others concerned with poisonings."
    - G.A. Gresham, Emeritus Professor of Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology, Cambridge University, UK

    "Dr. Rossoff has written an outstanding book on toxicology. I would judge it to be the finest compendium ever written. It covers every medication, natural substance, insecticide, etc. imaginable... He is an eminent toxicologist who has produced a comprehensive but extremely usable reference in toxicology."
    - Donald R. Graham, M.D., F.A.C.P., Chief of Infectious Diseases, Springfield Clinic, Springfield, IL, USA

    "… How impressed I am with … 'Encyclopedia of Clinical Toxicology.' [It] represent[s] [a] very comprehensive organization of a vast amount of information. … A unique contribution to the world's literature."
    - Richard E. Katholi, M.D.