Lu's Basic Toxicology: Fundamentals, Target Organs, and Risk Assessment, Sixth Edition

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This new edition of our bestselling book, Lu’s Basic Toxicology, provides a number of key benefits that make it a must-read for toxicology specialists worldwide, including:

  • Revision of a Bestseller - the new Sixth Edition provides the critical updates toxicologists need to keep up with the changing times
  • New Information - on over-the-counter preparations, lactation, and occupational toxicology, providing clarity and insight into a rapidly evolving subject
  • Comprehensive - Updated, topical additions - new chapters on Nanotoxicology and Toxicity of Endocrine System provide you with information not currently available elsewhere
  • Expert Editors - Kacew & Lee offers a distillation of decades and research and teaching experience in toxicology, providing authoritative guidance for both students and practicing professionals
  • Practical- Easy to read information at your fingertips - In-depth, yet concise presentation of material – split into four key sections that include separate subject and chemical indexes all while in the 6 x 9 format makes this a useful, quick pocket-guide for the more experienced researcher.

Table of Contents

General Principles of Toxicology
General Considerations
Absorption, distribution, and excretion of Toxicants
Biotransformation of Toxicants
Toxic Effects
Modifying Factors of Toxic Effects

Testing Procedures for Conventional and Nontarget Organ Toxicities
Conventional Toxicity Studies
Developmental Toxicology

Target Organs and Systems
Toxicology of the Immune System
Toxicology of the Liver
Toxicology of the Kidney
Toxicology of the Skin
Toxicology of the Eye
Toxicology of the Nervous System
Reproductive and Cardiovascular Systems
Toxicity of Endocrine System

Toxic Substances and Risk Assessment
Food Additives and Contaminants
Toxicity of Pesticides
Toxicity of Metals
Over-the-Counter Preparations
Environmental Pollutants
Occupational Toxicology
Toxicologic Evaluation

Editor Bio(s)

Professor Sam Kacew, B.Sc.(McGill), M.Sc.(Ott.), Ph.D.(ibid.) is professor of toxicology and associate director of toxicology at the Institute of Population Health Risk Assessment, the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Professor Byung-Mu Lee, B.S., M.S., M.S.P.H., Dr.P.H. is professor of toxicology at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. He is associate editor of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, associate editor of food and chemical toxicology and an editorial board member of Environmental Health Perspectives.