Lung Cancer Therapy Annual 7

Lung Cancer Therapy Annual 7

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ISBN 9781841848655
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Oncology research and practice in lung cancer continues to develop rapidly. This latest edition of Lung Cancer Therapy Annual briefs the oncology community with a review of the recent literature, emphasizing the therapeutic aspects.

It offers an update of the impact that this information will have on the day-to-day management of the lung cancer patient.

New to the Seventh Edition:

  • An update of the impact of recent developments will have on day-to-day management of lung cancer patients
  • Four new chapters on the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
  • A new chapter on thymoma

Additional topics include:

  • Oncogenic driver mutations
  • First line therapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer without activating EGFR mutation
  • Second line therapy of non-small cell lung cancer
  • Adjunct and neoadjunct therapy of non-small cell lung cancer
  • Advances in surgery of lung cancer; advances in radiotherapy of lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Thymic tumors

Table of Contents

Epidemiology of lung cancer
Menghua Tao and Paolo Boffetta
Prevention, early detection and screening
Giulia Veronesi
Christophe Dooms
Histo- and molecular pathology of lung cancer
A. Soltermann, S. Peters, and V. Tischler
Oncogenic driver mutations
Hiromichi Ebi and Tetsuya Mitsudomi
First-line therapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer not harboring an activating EGFR mutation
Cesare Gridelli and Antonio Rossi
First-line therapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer with activating EGFR mutations
Caicun Zhou
Second-line therapy of non-small cell lung cancer
David F. Heigener, Sabine Bohnet, and Martin Reck
Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy of non-small cell lung cancer
Alejandro Navarro Mendivil and Enriqueta Felip
Advances in surgery of lung cancer
Paul E. Van Schil, Jeroen M. Hendriks, Marjan Hertoghs, Patrick Lauwers, and Cliff K. Choong
Recent advances in radiotherapy for lung cancer
Dirk K. M. De Ruysscher and José S.A. Belderbos
Treatment of small cell lung cancer
Aleksandar Aleksic and Sanjay Popat
Emanuela Felley-Bosco and Isabelle Opitz
Thymic tumors
Enrico Ruffini, Pier Luigi Filosso, Paolo Lausi, and Alberto Oliaro

Editor Bio(s)

Rolf A. Stahel, M.D. is head of the Center for Lung and Thoracic Oncology and Senior Staff Physician at the Clinic of Oncology, University Hospital of Zürich as well as Titular Professor of Medicine at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. He is certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology by both the American and Swiss Board. His major interest is thoracic oncology, including multidisciplinary treatment approaches, translational research, and targeted therapy.

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