Biosensors and Cancer

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Understanding the importance and application of biosensors is complicated by the diverse range of methods and applications. Furthermore, existing texts are somewhat technical in nature, making it difficult for the novice. This book disseminates information on biosensors in a readable way, suitable to a wide audience with varying levels of experience. Topics include optical imaging, surface plasmon resonance, microcantilevers, electrochemistry, aptamers, fluorescence, electrochemistry, nanobiosensors, and nanowires.

Table of Contents

Section 1: General
Functional Optical Imaging-based Biosensors
Pablo Iglesias and Jose A. Costoya
Use of a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Biosensor to Characterize Zwitterionic Coatings on SiO2 for Cancer Biomarker Detection
Norman D. Brault, Shaoyi Jiang, and Qiuming Yu
Microcantilever-based Biosensor Array for Tumor Angiogenic Marker Detection
Riccardo Castagna and Carlo Ricciardi
Electrochemical DNA Biosensors at the Nanoscale
Rosa Letizia Zaffino, Wilmer Alfonso Pardo, Mònica Mir, and Josep Samitier
Aptamer-based Biosensors for Cancer Studies
Ilaria Palchetti and Marco Mascini
Fluorescent Biosensors for Cancer Cell Imaging and Diagnostics
May C. Morris
Electrical and Electrochemical Immunosensor for Cancer Study
Seung Yong Lee and Seung Yong Hwang
Multifunctional Nanobiosensors for Cancer
Dai-Wen Pang and Er-Qun Son
Silicon Nanowire Biosensor for Cancer Markers
Yang-Kyu Choi and Chang-Hoon Kim

Section 2: Blood, Molecules and Cells

DNA-electrochemical Biosensors and Oxidative Damage to DNA: Application to Cancer
Victor Constantin Diculescu and Ana Maria Oliveira Brett
Asparaginase-based Asparagine Biosensors and their Application to Leukemia
Neelam Verma and Kuldeep Kumar
Breast Cancer Detection using Surface Plasmon Resonance-based Biosensors
Chii-Wann Lin and Chia-Chen Chang
Detection of miRNA with Silicon Nanowire Biosensors
Guo-Jun Zhang
Biosensors for BCR-ABL Activity and their Application to Cancer
Yusuke Ohba, Stephanie Darmanin, Tatsuaki Mizutani, Masumi Tsuda, and Takeshi Kondo
Optical Fiber Nanobiosensor for Single Living Cell Detections of Cancers
Xin Ting Zheng and Chang Ming Li
Microfluidic Biosensors for Thyroglobulin Detection and Application to Thyroid Cancer
Seokheun Choi and Junseok Chae

Section 3: Treatments and Organs Specific Applications

Optical Biosensors and Applications to Drug Discovery and Development in Cancer Research
Carlo Bertucci and Angela De Simone
Single-Chain Fragment Variable Recombinant Antibodies and their Applications in Biosensors for Cancer Diagnosis
Xiangqun Zeng and Ray Mernaugh
DNA Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Anticancer Drugs
Sigen Wang and Ruili Wang
Using UV Light to Engineer Biosensors for Cancer Detection: The Case of Prostate Specific Antigen
Maria Teresa Neves-Petersen, Antonietta Parracino, and Steffen B. Petersen