Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution Vol. 1, Part C

Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution Vol. 1, Part C: Phanerogams (Angiosperm-Dicotyledons)

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Table of Contents

Phylogenetic Analyses in Cicer Genus: Roberto Cremonini and Manuela Frediani; Evolution of Vicia faba: Roberto Cremonini; Biology of Vigna unguiculata: Roberto Cremonini and Manuela Frediani; The Asian Vigna (Vigna subgenus Ceratotropis)? Biodiversity and Evolution: Norihiko Tomooka et al.; Chromosome Dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana: Daisuke Kurihara et al.; Phylogenetic and Diversity Patterns in Cardamine (Brassicaceae)? A Genus with Conspicuous Polyploid and Reticulate Evolution: Judita Lihova and Karol Marhold; Phylogeny, Evolution and Diversification of Caryophyllales: Philippe Cu�noud; Molecular Phylogeny, Morphology and Cytological Diversity of Sisymbrium (Brassicaceae): Suzanne I. Warwick et al.; Phylogentic Patterns of Diversification in the Beslerieae (Gesneriaceae): Eric H. Roalson and John L. Clark; Vitaceae-molecular Evolution with a Focus on the Australian Radiation: Maurizio Rossetto et al.; Grape: Origin and Biodiversity: Massimo Labra et al.; The Phylogeny of Rutaceae: Contributions

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