Personal Robotics: Real Robots to Construct, Program, and Explore the World

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ISBN 9781568810898
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Many companies are now offering robots that are geared to the casual electronics hobbyist, both in kit form and as fully assembled models. This book gives an overview of available robot products, ranging from the simple to the complex. Interested readers will be able to find the robot kit that matches their skill level and pocketbook. Beginners may want to try a robot that is already fully assembled, or a kit with pre-assembled electronics. Other readers may opt for kits that require soldering and electronic experience. Other criteria a reader will be able to review include motion systems (robots that roll on wheels, or walk on legs, or robot arms), available sensors (from none to a wide range), and programming complexity (how the robot is programmed). If its not really a robot, its not in this book.

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