Environmental Hydrology, Second Edition

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  • A larger format that includes more than 100 tables, 300+ illustrations and photographs, 100+ worked examples, and 140 problems, laboratory exercises, and projects
  • Special focus on remote sensing and geographic information systems
  • New chapter on river geomorphology
  • Extensive information on biota, riparian zones, constructed wetlands, detention/retention ponds, and landfill hydrology
  • Detailed overview of watershed sediment budgets, classification applications, precipitation, and various scales of hydrologic processes
  • Summary

    The technological advances of recent years include the emergence of new remote sensing and geographic information systems that are invaluable for the study of wetlands, agricultural land, and land use change. Students, hydrologists, and environmental engineers are searching for a comprehensive hydrogeologic overview that supplements information on hydrologic processes with data on these new information technology tools.

    Environmental Hydrology, Second Edition builds upon the foundation of the bestselling first edition by providing a qualitative understanding of hydrologic processes while introducing new methods for quantifying hydrologic parameters and processes. Written by authors with extensive multidisciplinary experience, the text first discusses the components of the hydrologic cycle, then follows with chapters on precipitation, stream processes, human impacts, new information system applications, and numerous other methods and strategies.

    By updating this thorough text with the newest analytical tools and measurement methodologies in the field, the authors provide an ideal reference for students and professionals in environmental science, hydrology, soil science, geology, ecological engineering, and countless other environmental fields.

    Table of Contents

    The Hydrologic Cycle and Society


    Infiltration and Soil Water Processes


    Surface Runoff, Interflow, and Subsurface Drainage

    Stream Processes

    Hydraulics of Channels and Stream Systems

    Hydraulic Control Structures

    Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Processes

    Forests and Cold Climate Hydrology


    Human Impacts on the Hydrologic Cycle: Prevention and Treatment Strategies

    Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Applications

    Practical Exercises on Conducting and Reporting Hydrologic Studies


    Appendices and Index

    Editorial Reviews

    "This is not your ordinary textbook…It is eclectic, practical, in places a handbook, a guide to fieldwork…and, perhaps most engaging to me, in places the authors offer personal views as well as more strongly worded opinions. The former often relate to evaluation of alternative approaches, or formulations, of specific solutions to specific hydrologic problems...I hope any student will enjoy, not just profit from, the careful advice given to those involved in their first observations of rivers in the field…"
    -Professor M. Gordon (Reds) Wolman, Johns Hopkins University.


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