Microbiology of Well Biofouling

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ISBN 9781566704007
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The third book in the Sustainable Well Series, Microbiology of Well Biofouling, is the second edition of Practical Manual of Groundwater Microbiology. It is concerned with solving production problems in all types of wells.

See what's new in the new edition:

  • Addresses deleterious events in all types of wells in greater detail
  • Discusses the generation of mass which interferes with the physical functioning of a well
  • Covers the major innovations in the field
  • Includes more field applicable material
  • Completely revised and updated

    The book is a useful reference guide for water well operators, hazardous waste site operators, consulting engineers, public health inspectors, microbiologists, and analytical chemists. It is written with a direct, straight forward approach based upon the advances in the technology over the last twenty years.

    With this guide, you understand the phenomena of biofouling, corrosivity, biodegradation, and shifts in hydraulic transmissivity that can be linked to microbial events. Practical approaches to the evaluation of these effects are introduced, including standard and novel methodologies.

  • Table of Contents

    Introductory Overview
    Direct Evidence of a Bacterial Event
    Monitoring Methodologies for Biofouling Events
    About the BARTÔ
    Water Well Biofouling,Diagnosis
    Biofouling in Wells, Practical Examples
    Major Considerations in Well Biofouling
    Using the Well Fouling Index (WFI)