Chemistry: An Industry-Based Introduction with CD-ROM

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ISBN 9781566703031
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  • Covers all the basics in a readable style
  • Presents all requisite laws, formulae, and theory
  • Contains equations, structures, line spectra, and figures
  • Provides an excellent, on-the-job reference
  • Includes a CD-ROM that contains industry-based problems to solve
  • Addresses advanced topics such as energy in chemical processes, oxidation-reduction, nuclear energy and power, and biochemistry Solutions manual available with qualifying course adoption.
  • Summary

    What a great idea—an introductory chemistry text that connects students to the workplace of practicing chemists and chemical technicians! Tying chemistry fundamentals to the reality of industrial life, Chemistry: An Industry-Based Introduction with CD-ROM covers all the basic principles of chemistry including formulas and names, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, solutions, and more. It includes scale-ups from the lab bench, examples of industrial significance, and interviews with actual workers in industry.


    Each chapter provides side boxes and special homework assignments that connect the material to the industrial workplace and provide for related investigations outside the classroom. The innovative layout of topics incorporates organic chemistry early and addresses concepts requiring algebra and math beginning with the seventh chapter. There are dozens of chemistry texts available, but this is the only one that gives students a look at what really goes on in the chemist's world of work — and does it with ease!

    Chemistry: An Industry-Based Introduction with CD-ROM also comes with an exciting, innovative and interactive CD-ROM that provides a study guide containing 40 review questions per chapter and animation, sound, and artwork to help the student visualize the concepts. It also sets up a virtual workplace in which the student is an employee of a fictional company and faces real-life scenarios and discovers their solutions. The entire package, with CD-ROM, side boxes, and practical assignments, provides an innovative approach that chemistry educators everywhere will want to use in their courses. These — combined with a clear readable writing style — represent an exciting new twist for introductory chemistry.

    Table of Contents

    The Components and Properties of Matter
    Compounds and Reactions. Atomic Structure
    The Periodic Table
    Chemical Combination
    Organic Chemicals
    Making and Using Measurements
    Moles and Stoichiometry
    Gases and Gas Laws
    Chemical Equilibrium
    Acids and Bases
    Energy in Chemical Processes
    Oxidation-Reduction Processes
    Nuclear Energy and Power
    Introduction to Biochemistry

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    Editorial Reviews

    “…(the authors) have produced a valuable book and accompanying CD-ROM for introducing students to chemistry…the chapters are easy to read and understand. The CD-ROM is a nice supplement to the text. It features topic review, demonstrations, interactive quizzes, and interesting scenarios called ‘applications’ that are solved by using the appropriate chemistry concepts.”
    --J. R. Sasthav, in CHOICE, April 2001

    “…praiseworthy effort to ‘break new ground’ and engage the students’ interest by exploring thre direct relevance to industry of each aspect of the chemistry discussed.”

    Physical Sciences Educational Reviews Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2005