Training Within Industry: The Foundation of Lean

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Winner of a Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing Research

Training Within Industry, by Donald Dinero, explores a crucial piece of a Lean initiative that has been overlooked throughout U.S. industry. The Training Within Industry (TWI) program — developed by the United States during World War II — has been used by Toyota for decades! This powerful program standardizes training processes and assists front-line supervisors in teaching new operations to workers quickly and effectively.

Dinero completely explores the history and application of the four modules that compose TWI:Job Instruction — in which employees are trained to perform their tasks as quickly as they are capable with minimal waste; Job Methods — in which employees are taught how to improve their processes using existing resources; Job Relations — in which personnel problems are solved in an analytical, non-emotional manner so that employees are focused on a stated objective; and Program Development — in which robust training plans are developed to meet the particular needs of a specific plant.

Readers of Training Within Industry will see that standardized work imparts measurable continuous improvement because it sets a baseline. It establishes a framework for efficiency and innovation.

In addition, the book includes a CD containing the text of original TWI bulletins issued by the U.S. government in the 1940s. Unique and Compelling Features and Benefits:

  • Provides a key to successfully implementing Lean Thinking
  • Provides basic knowledge without any non-valued added material
  • Applies to all positions in all industries
  • Time tested - has been used for over sixty years and is still successful

Table of Contents


Part 1: History, Benefits, and Characteristics of TWI
Chapter 1 - Benefits of the TWI Program
Chapter 2 - A Brief History Outlining the Principles of TWI
Chapter 3 - Why TWI is A Foundation of Lean Thinking
Chapter 4 - Characteristics That Made and Sustain TWI's Success

Part 2: The Evolution of Each TWI Program
Chapter 5 - How TWI Developed the Job Instruction Program
Chapter 6 - How TWI Developed the Job Relations Program
Chapter 7 - How TWI Developed the Job Methods Program
Chapter 8 - How TWI Developed Program Development
Chapter 9 - Delivering Job Instruction
Chapter 10 - Delivering Job Relations
Chapter 11 - Delivering Job Methods
Chapter 12 - Delivering Program Development
Chapter 13 - Continually Developing TWI - Where Do You Go From Here?

Appendix A
Appendix B

Editorial Reviews

"This excellent historical overview of the TWI Programs will educate decision makers on what the Job Instruction, Job Methods and Job Relations programs are, how each is delivered, and the significant impact each TWI program can have on their organization. Examples of past success will illustrate the contribution TWI made for U.S. industry to provide overwhelming supplies of war materiel for the Allied armies to shorten World War II by an estimated four years.Don Dinero's book makes it convenient for executives and managers to start through pertinent TWI materials under one cover rather than visiting a few select libraries to learn about TWI and evaluate the impact these programs can have to create a learning culture in support of a successful Lean initiative."

Robert J. Wrona, TWI Program Manager, CNYTDO,Inc. 04/21/05

"As an organizational development consultant, Dinero became involved with "lean thinking" even before the term was coined for the type of scientific production system used by Toyota Motors since the 1940s. He traces the history of the parent Training Within Industry (TWI) concept back to World War I, and presents its principles and examples of applications. The book includes lean strategies, a generic TWI organizational chart, and a CD-ROM with early TWI training materials".


"This book offers some excellent methods and examples that would enhance any lean program..."


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