RSM Simplified: Optimizing Processes Using Response Surface Methods for Design of Experiments

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ISBN 9781563272974
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RSM Simplified keeps formulas to a minimum and makes liberal use of figures, charts, graphs and checklists. It offers many relevant examples, with amusing sidebars and do-it-yourself exercises that will lead readers to the peak potential for their product quality and process efficiency.

The authors, Mark J. Anderson and Patrick J. Whitcomb, are principals of Stat-Ease, a provider of DOE training, consulting, and software. They both are professional chemical engineers. Anderson has more of a business background while Whitcomb specializes in statistics.

Incorporated into this book is the more advanced Design-Expert, version 7 software for Windows, with a 180-day trial, so the reader can do the complex statistical computations, generate the necessary graphics (2D and 3D maps) and perform the numerical optimization.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Beauty of Response Surface Methods
Chapter 2: Lessons to Learn from Happenstance Regression
Chapter 3: Factorials to set the stage for more glamorous RSM Designs
Chapter 4: Central Composite Design: Stars Added-RSM Show Begins
Chapter 5: Three-Level Designs
Chapter 6: Finding your sweet spot for multiple responses
Chapter 7: Computer-generated optimal designs
Chapter 8: Everything you should know about CCDs (but dare not ask!)
Chapter 9: RSM for Six Sigma
Chapter 10: Other Applications for RSM
Chapter 11: Applying RSM to Mixtures
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Editorial Reviews

"RSM Simplified is a thorough but succinct overview of response surface methods. It equips typical engineers or industrial scientists with all that they will need to start using these powerful optimization techniques…"
John D. Guerin, Ph.D., President, Turning Points Management Consulting, Inc. 09/01/04

"Anderson and Whitcomb have done it again. The perfect companion to their DOE Simplified… I highly recommend this book for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma Black Belts – indeed anyone – with responsibilities for modeling and optimizing processes."
Thomas A. Scripps, Scripps & Associates, PC 09/01/04

"RSM Simplified is filled with many practical examples that will help make application of process optimization a reality. It is easy to read and provides valuable insight into the technical details of RSM methodology as well as explaining common pitfalls to avoid. No design of experiments library would be complete without it!"
Bill Pedersen, Ph.D., P.E.,, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Duluth 09/01/04

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