Gas Turbine Heat Transfer and Cooling Technology

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This book is intended to be a reference book for engineers working and interested in gas turbine heat transfer analysis and cooling design for advanced research. The methods presented in this book can be applied to heat exchangers, nuclear power plants and electronic component cooling.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals of Turbine Cooling and Heat Transfer 3. Measurement Techniques and Uncertainty Analysis 4. Hot Gas Path Heat Transfer 5. Film Cooling 6. Coolant Passage Heat Transfer 7. Numerical Analysis 8. Closure 9. Appendix

Editorial Reviews

"Aimed mainly at practicing engineers and researchers, this excellent reference source places the main emphasis on cooling technologies for gas turbine engines.."
Aslib Book Guide Vol 66 No 9, September 2001

"The present volume serves as an excellent guide...probably no other has the present book's coherence and uniform excellence...A well-written volume by highly acknowledged and excellent researchers...It is sure to be the standard to which others will refer.."
–R.J. Goldstein, University of Minnesota, AIAA Journal Vol. 40, No. 2, February 2002