Logistics and Transportation Security: A Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Guide to Resilience

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ISBN 9781482253078
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  • Outlines strategic, tactical and operational factors to ensure supply chain and transport security and resilience
  • Provides solutions to maintain resilient, sustainable security protection despite economic and market fluctuations
  • Examines the role and necessary collaboration of the public and private sectors in security investment and the availability of resources
  • Assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of security strategies, policies, and tools at both a national and global level
  • Takes a global approach to transportation and security logistics with many international case examples


In a world increasingly exposed to terrorism, piracy, and the trafficking of humans and narcotics, companies must ensure their supply chains and transportation networks ensure an efficient flow of goods, without compromising security. This new book on logistics and transportation security addresses the many regulatory, political, and technological developments not covered in existing books. Examining sea, land, and air transportation systems and linkages, this book includes coverage of hazardous material handling, securing transportation networks, logistics essentials, supply chain security, risk assessments, the regulatory framework, strategic planning, and innovation through technology.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Transportation and Logistics Systems
Introduction to Security
The Many Faces of Security
Global Transportation Security and Regulatory Framework
Critical Infrastructure Security: Resilience in Action
Classifying Security Treats through the 9 Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) Categories
Supply Chain Security: Mind The Gap!
Security Risk Assessment & Risk Analysis
Public and Private Partnerships and Global Collaboration
Security Technology & Innovation
Combating Security Threats: The Human Factor
Strategic, Tactical and Operating Process
The Future of Global Transportation and Supply Chain Networks

Author Bio(s)

Prof. Maria Burns is an experienced ship operator, auditor and trainer, whose work has been awarded by the US Coast Guard and author of the book "Port Management and Operations" with CRC Press/Taylor and Francis.

An Honorary Membership was bestowed to her in 2012 for developing advanced training in the Oil, Gas and Marine industries. She parlays two decades of professional expertise in port planning, strategic thinking and maritime operations to her faculty position it the Maritime Security Program of Texas Southern University. She is a certified Maritime Auditor in the areas of International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS), Safety (ISM), Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA), Environmental Protection (ISO 14001, VGP) and Quality (ISO 9001).

As a Senior Trainer & Senior Consultant for the American Bureau of Shipping, she has provided consulting and certified training to Oil & Gas majors, Port Authorities, global Coast Guard and large shipping corporations. She has developed over 65 Operational, Training and Regulatory Manuals for the shipping industry. An approved Instructor by the U.S. Coast Guard/National Maritime Center, she designs advanced training courses, bridging the working practices of the maritime industry with the regulatory requirements of the Oil & Gas industry. Maria’s Ph.D. with Vrije University Brussels (Belgium), examines the interaction of economy and ecology in maritime industrial development areas (MIDAs). She has obtained a Master of Science and Diploma in international trade and transport from London Metropolitan University (England), where she received a Best Dissertation Award by Taylor & Francis publishers.

She is the Chair of the US Transportation Research Board of National Academies (TRB) Subcommittee on Transportation Security, under the Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection Committee (ABE40); She also serves as an Editorial-Board Member of the Journal of Transportation Security (Springer), and a Reviewer in the Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier). She is an active Member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, the Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association, the International Association of Maritime Economists, the Eco-Ports Organization, and the Texas Montgomery County Sheriff Citizens’ Academy/Alumni Association. In addition, she serves in the prestigious Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee of Texas, and is actively involved in the Educational Programs of the Houston Maritime Museum.