Continuing the War Against Domestic Violence, Second Edition

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  • Discusses topics rarely covered in other domestic violence texts
  • Presents updates to reflect the most current domestic violence issues
  • Includes varied perspectives from both academics and professionals
  • Provides a balanced discussion of mandatory arrest policies


Anyone can become a victim of domestic violence. As such, it is essential for all of us to continue the war against domestic violence. Supplying a comprehensive overview of domestic violence across racial/ethnic groups, the new edition of this popular reference explores topics rarely discussed in other domestic violence texts as well as the barriers that often discourage victims from reporting abuse.

Continuing the War Against Domestic Violence, Second Edition provides readers with the benefit of varied perspectives from both academics and professionals. It outlines prosecution and defense strategies and supplies a balanced critique of mandatory arrest policies. This fully revised edition supplies new coverage of the problems often encountered when victims seek police help. It includes three new chapters on dating violence, religion and domestic violence, and historical interventions in response to domestic violence.

In part I readers will gain an understanding of the salient issues unique to certain racial/ethnic/cultural groups. Part II offers a unique and rare insight into the correlates, causes, and contextual properties of domestic violence. Part III, which constitutes the substance of this book, explains how criminal justice systems—through their policies, procedures, and operations—respond to domestic violence.

Following in the tradition of the first edition, this book devotes considerable attention to the experiences and perspectives of criminal and social justice practitioners alongside researchers, child welfare workers, and other renowned scholars across disciplines. Offering comprehensive and interdisciplinary coverage of key topics that benefit a diverse audience, the book concludes by offering a unique perspective on punishing and rehabilitating offenders.

Table of Contents

Domestic Violence in Indian Country; Julie C. Abril and Lee E. Ross
Intimate Partner Violence Among Latinos; Joanne Klevens
Domestic Violence in Asian Cultures; Qiang Xu and Jennifer Colanese
Domestic Violence Among African Americans: Strengthening Knowledge to Inform Action; Tricia B. Bent-Goodley, Zuleka Henderson, and Akosoa Mcfadgion

Physical Child Abuse, Neglect, and Domestic Violence: A Case Studies Approach; Mark A. Winton and Elizabeth M. Rash
The Response of the Child Welfare System to Domestic Violence; Melanie Shepard and Gina Farrell
Theoretical Connections Between Dating and Marital Violence; Ryan C. Shorey, Tara L. Cornelius, and Kathryn M. Bell
Religion and Intimate Partner Violence: A Double-Edge Sword; Lee E. Ross
Connections Between Domestic Violence and Homelessness; Charlene K. Baker
Domestic Violence Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons: Populations at Risk; Christopher W. Blackwell
Police Officers and Spousal Violence: Work–Family Linkages; Leanor Boulin Johnson

Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence: A Historical Review; John R. Barner and Michelle Mohr Carney
Civil Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence: Practices and Procedures; Robert T. Magil, Walter Komanski, and Lee Ross
Prosecuting Domestic Violence Cases: Issues and Concerns; Walter Komanski and Robert T. Magill
Defending Individuals Charged With Domestic Assault and Battery; John V. Elmore and Lee E. Ross
Court-Ordered Treatment Programs: An Evaluation of Batterers Anonymous; Rebecca Bonanno
Community Supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go; Lynette Feder and Katherine Gomez
A Restorative Justice Approach to Domestic Violence; Debra Heath-Thornton


Editor Bio(s)

Lee E. Ross, PhD, is an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Central Florida. A graduate of Rutgers University, his research interests span a variety of areas, from his seminal work on religion and social control theory to more recent explorations into the consequences of mandatory arrest policies and the patriarchal role of religion in domestic violence. As editor of the first edition of the War Against Domestic Violence, Dr. Ross spent several years as a group facilitator to the Milwaukee Domestic Abuse Intervention Program (DAIP).

His scholarship can be found in a variety of academic journals, including Justice Quarterly, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Crime and Justice, Journal of Criminal Justice Education, The Justice Professional, Sociological Spectrum, and Sociological Focus, among others. A member of the doctoral faculty, Dr. Ross teaches a variety of courses, including domestic violence and systems responses as well as race, crime, and justice. Recently, Dr. Ross became the first criminologist in the state of Florida to qualify as an expert witness in a criminal case involving domestic violence.