Information Needs for Water Management

Information Needs for Water Management

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This book provides the necessary elements to determine exactly what information should be collected to make the collected information relevant for policy makers. It highlights the dissatisfaction of information users about the information they get and the reasons for this dissatisfaction. It also discusses general issues around the role and use of information in policy making. The text then describes the how to develop a full understanding of the policy makers’ information needs and will describe how policy makers can be included in the process. Finally, the book describes how the results from this process are input for the information production process.

Table of Contents

Introduction ‐ setting the scene
Introduction to water monitoring
The water information gap
Policy problems and approaches to solve them

The link between monitoring and water management
What is monitoring?
The information cycle
Improving the information product
Application of the information cycle

How to develop the process
Frameworks to manage the process
The rugbyball methodology

Analyzing the water management situation
The need for a water management analysis
Human uses and ecological functioning
Function/Issue table
Legal obligations for monitoring
Criteria/targets for functions/uses and issues
Further measures, policies and action plans
Overview of management targets
Some examples of deriving information needs

Transforming water policy into information needs
The integrating decision‐model
Structured breakdown of functions and uses
Structured breakdown of cause‐effect relationships
Structured breakdown of measures
Working scheme

The next steps
Documenting the results
Finalizing the process
How to transform information needs into a monitoring strategy

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