Alternative Fuels: The Future of Hydrogen, Third Edition

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ISBN 9781466580244
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Revised and updated, Alternative Fuels addresses many of the factors affecting our energy use, including the availability and desirability of various fuels—especially the use of hydrogen. This new edition covers new hydrogen developments in technology, oil supplies and new drilling techniques, latest information on hydrogen highway projects, breakthroughs in fuel cell technology and ultra low emissions in transportation, the latest statistics on emerging oil markets, energy reserves, and carbon dioxide increases.

Also included is material on energy policy, fuel supply trends, alternative scenarios, energy utilization, sustainable energy, cost analysis, fuel escalation, energy and development, regulatory issues, barriers to implementation, conversion systems, storage systems, thermodynamic efficiency, fuel chain efficiency, life-cycle efficiency, technology issues extracting, refining, air emission issues, safety, natural gas hydrogen gas, methanol, ethanol, steam reforming and fuel cells.

Table of Contents

The New Fuel Mix
The Oil Economy
The Auto Revolution
Fuels for the Auto
The Future of Transportation
Fuels and the Environment
The Hydrogen Economy
Solar Hydrogen
Nuclear Hydrogen
Biomass Sources
Renewable Futures
Alternative Fuel Paths