Biochar and Soil Biota

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  • Provides extended information on the role of biochar in soil using isotopic tracing techniques
  • Summarizes the methods of traditional production of biochar, their material characteristic and how different biochars  may change when applied to soils
  • Compares available methods for applying biochar into temperate soils
  • Includes contributions from internationally recognized scientists in the field


Biochar, a biomass that is burned at very high temperature in the absence of oxygen, has recently become an interesting subject of study. Biochar is highly stable and does not degrade; it possesses physical properties that assist in retention of nutrients in the soil. The use of biochar will undoubtedly have a significant impact not only on soil nutrients but also on soil organism communities and their functions.

This book focuses on how the ecology and biology of soil organisms is affected by the addition of biochar to soils. It takes into account direct and indirect effects of biochar addition to soils, on the soil carbon cycle, impact on plant resistance to foliar and soilborne disease, interactions with pathogenic, mycorhizal and saprophytic fungi. The stability of biochar in soil environment is also discussed. Special focus has been put on application of biochar to remediate polluted soils, taking into account possible toxic effects of biochar on soil fauna.

This book will be useful to students and researchers in agronomy, biology, ecology, and environmental managers from both academic as well as industrial organizations.

Table of Contents

The Stability of Biochar in the Environment, Andrew R. Zimmerman and Bin Gao
Biochar Impact on Plant Resistance to Disease, E.R. Graber and Y. Elad
Biochar-Fungi Interactions in Soils, Katja Wiedner and Bruno Glaser
The Potential of Biochar Amendments to Remediate Contaminated Soils, Jose L. Gomez-Eyles, Luke Beesley, Eduardo Moreno-Jimenez, Upal Ghosh and Tom Sizmur
Studying the Role of Biochar using Isotopic Tracing Techniques, Bruno Glaser, Katja Wiedner and Michaela Dippold
Designing Specific Biochars to Address Soil Constraints: A Developing Industry, Stephen Joseph, Lukas Van Zwieten, Chee Chia, S Kimber, Paul Munroe, Yun Lin, Chris Marjo, James Hook, Torsten Thomas, Shaun Nielsen , S Donne and Paul Taylor
A Comparison of Methods to Apply Biochar into Temperate Soils, Don Graves