Sensory Data Analysis by Example with R

Sensory Data Analysis by Example with R

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ISBN 9781466565722
Cat# K16114
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  • Provides an overview of the theory and applications of sensory data analysis
  • Presents a good balance of theory and practical aspects
  • Adopts an example-driven approach with lots of real examples
  • Includes an R package with code and data for all the analyses


Sensory data—data that are mostly collected by a human being—are present in many fields of application. In the food industry, in particular, there is a lot of interest in sensory data analysis for product development. This book presents a balance of the theory and applications of sensory data analysis. It has an abundance of real examples and an emphasis on the use of R for conducting analyses. The mathematics is kept to a minimum and the problem-driven approach ensures the book is suitable for researchers from many disciplines.

Table of Contents

Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA) Data: Analyzing QDA Data from a Product Perspective. Analyzing QDA Data from a Panel Perspective. Holistic Approaches: Analyzing Napping® Data. Analyzing Sorting Data. Analyzing Sorted Napping Data. Analyzing Hierarchical Sorting Data. Consumer Data: Analyzing Preferences Data. Analyzing Just About Right (JAR) Data. Analyzing Ideal Profiles Method Data.

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