Earth Surface Temperature Observation

Earth Surface Temperature Observation: Remote Sensing Applications

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  • Provides unified treatment of topic across all domains of Earth’s surface (ocean, lake, land, ice)
  • Fills the need to observe the climate variable with essential techniques, technology and the theory that explains it
  • Uses state-of-the-art remote sensing and in-situ measurements from satellite observations
  • Provides examples of successful applications programmes from national to global scales
  • Introduces editors and contributors; renowned global scientists.


The book gives a unified account of how to use contemporary satellite observations to infer the temperature of Earth’s surface. It describes the general principles involved; discusses in turn the aspects that are specific to different types of surface (sea, land, ice/snow, lake and urban); reviews the state of research in each case; and shows how the observations benefit society by providing information relevant to climate, weather, oceans, agriculture and health.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Fundamentals. Motivation for surface temperature observation. Physics for surface temperature observation. Sensors for surface temperature observation. Mathematics for surface temperature observation. From radiance to insight. Section 2 Earth Observation of Surface Temperature. Sea surface temperature. Lake surface water temperature. Ice and snow temperature. Land surface temperature. Urban temperature. Section 3 Applications. Climatology. Meteorology. Oceanography. Health. Agriculture. Conclusion. Possibilities and opportunities.

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