Developing Essbase Applications: Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals

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  • Represents a group effort from some of the most experienced Essbase practitioners from around the world
  • Covers infrastructure, data sourcing and transformation, database design, calculations, automation, APIs, reporting, and project implementation
  • Includes cases studies that stem from the authors’ decades of combined experience


If you love Essbase and hate seeing it misused, then this is the book for you. Written by 12 Essbase professionals that are either acknowledged Essbase gurus or certified Oracle ACEs, Developing Essbase Applications: Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals provides an unparalleled investigation and explanation of Essbase theory and best practices.

Detailing the hows and the whys of successful Essbase implementation, the book arms you with simple yet powerful tools to meet your immediate needs, as well as the theoretical knowledge to proceed to the next level with Essbase. Infrastructure, data sourcing and transformation, database design, calculations, automation, APIs, reporting, and project implementation are covered by subject matter experts who work with the tools and techniques on a daily basis. In addition to practical cases that illustrate valuable lessons learned, the book offers:

  • Undocumented Secrets—Dan Pressman describes the previously unpublished and undocumented inner workings of the ASO Essbase engine.
  • Authoritative Experts—If you have questions that no one else can solve, these 12 Essbase professionals are the ones who can answer them.
  • Unpublished—Includes the only third-party guide to infrastructure. Infrastructure is easy to get wrong and can doom any Essbase project.
  • Comprehensive—Let there never again be a question on how to create blocks or design BSO databases for performance—Dave Farnsworth provides the answers within.
  • Innovative—Cameron Lackpour and Joe Aultman bring new and exciting solutions to persistent Essbase problems.

With a list of contributors as impressive as the program of presenters at a leading Essbase conference, this book offers unprecedented access to the insights and experiences of those at the forefront of the field. The previously unpublished material presented in these pages will give you the practical knowledge needed to use this powerful and intuitive tool to build highly useful analytical models, reporting systems, and forecasting applications.

Table of Contents

Building the Foundation: Essbase Infrastructure; John Booth
Infrastructure Skill Sets
Foundational Hardware and Software Tips and Tricks
Essbase Architecture and Sizing
An Apple a Day
When It All Goes Wrong
Additional Deployment Considerations

Slay Bad Data in Essbase; Cameron Lackpour
Bad Data Kills Essbase Databases
Quality Data Equals a Quality Essbase Database
Four Steps to Data Quality and Success
Appendix: The Code

Finding the Dirt – Tricks for Rapid Prototyping with Essbase Studio; Mike Nader
Understanding This Chapter
Mapping the Data Sources
Modeling the Data Source
Building Hierarchies and Custom Nodes
Modeling and Developing the Cube
Additional Thoughts
Seeping Away the Dirt

BSO Will Never Die and Here Is Why; Dave Farnsworth
Who Should Read This Chapter
Why BSO, Indeed
What is "Good Performance"
Getting the Most from Multiple Processors
Cache Is King; Know the Basics
Check Your Work
BSO Matters and Then Some

BSO Is Dead. Long Live ASO! (Converting BSO to ASO); Angela Wilcox
Why Would I Convert to Using ASO Cubes?
When Should I Not Try to Use ASO Cubes?
What Is the Easiest Way to Convert a BSO Cube to an ASO Cube?
What about Reporting Cubes?
What Great Things Can I Only Do with ASO Cubes?
So What Great Things Can I Do with Both ASO and BSO cubes?

Practical MDX for Essbase Developers; Gary Crisci
MDX Basics
Query Structure
Advanced MDX
Time Functionality
Tips and Tricks

How ASO Works and How to Design for Performance; Dan Pressman
Summary: Rules of ASO Designing for Performance
ASO Queries: How They Work
The Bitmap: Its Role and Function
Understanding Aggregations and Slices
Design Alternatives and Their Costs
Tips to Improve Data Loading and Aggregation Performance
A Final Word about Rule R1, ASO Cache, and Memory
Afterward and Caveat to the Reader

Deep Inside the Essbase Java API; Tim Tow
Essbase Java API Object Model
Essbase Connections
Retrieving Data from Essbase
Sending Data to Essbase
Calculating Essbase Databases
Member Information
Getting Member Information Using Member Queries

System Automation the Groovy Way; Joe Aultman
The Importance of Being Automated
The Automation Landscape
How to Make an Outline Extractor in Seven Easy Steps
Groovy Things about Groovy: A Deeper Look at the Language
What’s Cookin’? Groovy Recipes for the Busy Developer
Wrapping It Up

Advanced Smart View; Robb Salzman
A Word or Two about the Classic Add-In
Tune Your Reports, Create Efficient Smart View Spreadsheets
Excel Automation

How to Successfully Manage an Essbase System; Natalie Delemar and David Anderson
Who Are You?
Setting the Stage for an Essbase Project
Go It Alone? Or Not?
Managing Your Partner
Managing Expectations
Managing the Project
Post Go-Live Tasks and Considerations
It Is All about You

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