Computing Ethics: A Multicultural Approach

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ISBN 9781466514829
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  • Presents ethical issues in a clear and solvable manner with an understanding of the technical issues within a contextual environment
  • Analyzes issues facing computing professionals, in a way that is useful for students and practitioners, improving their critical thinking
  • Uses professional codes of ethics, and interprets those codes using perspectives from diverse cultures
  • Includes topics not covered in competing textbooks and addresses professional problems and dilemmas in ways that are relevant to an increasingly global ICT world
  • Promotes specific content knowledge and applies the knowledge in a multicultural context; chapters will have content review questions, practical exercises, and sidebars for historical enrichment


This textbook emphasizes a diversity of values from different cultures, religions, and geographical locations. The book is designed to assist students, computing professionals, and faculty members to act in a more professional and ethical manner. Compelling case studies, ethical reasoning, and cultural perspectives will be included throughout the book, and the authors will apply lessons learned over many years of intense involvement in computing ethics. The text is appropriate either as a main text in a stand-alone ethics course or as a supplementary text for other related courses.