Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy

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  • Provides a broad practical guide to the rapidly growing field of Monte Carlo simulations used in medical physics in radiotherapy
  • Includes the mathematical and technical background required for understanding Monte Carlo simulations and variance reduction techniques
  • Covers real medical applications of Monte Carlo methods in proton/light ion therapeutics, beam models, quality assurance, radiation dosimetry, and patient dose calculation
  • Incorporates examples to help illustrate key points


Modern cancer treatment relies on Monte Carlo simulations to help radiotherapists and clinical physicists better understand and compute radiation dose from imaging devices as well as exploit four-dimensional imaging data. With Monte Carlo-based treatment planning tools now available from commercial vendors, a complete transition to Monte Carlo-based dose calculation methods in radiotherapy could likely take place in the next decade. Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy explores the use of Monte Carlo methods for modeling various features of internal and external radiation sources, including light ion beams.

The book—the first of its kind—addresses applications of the Monte Carlo particle transport simulation technique in radiation therapy, mainly focusing on external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy. It presents the mathematical and technical aspects of the methods in particle transport simulations. The book also discusses the modeling of medical linacs and other irradiation devices; issues specific to electron, photon, and proton ion beams and brachytherapy; and the optimization of treatment planning, radiation dosimetry, and quality assurance.

Useful to clinical physicists, graduate students, and researchers, this book provides a detailed, state-of-the-art guide to the fundamentals, application, and customization of Monte Carlo techniques in radiotherapy. Through real-world examples, it illustrates the use of Monte Carlo modeling and simulations in dose calculation, beam delivery, kilovoltage and megavoltage imaging, proton radiography, device design, and much more.

Table of Contents

Monte Carlo Fundamentals
History of Monte Carlo
Alex F. Bielajew

Basics of Monte Carlo Simulations
Matthias Fippel

Variance Reduction Techniques
Matthias Fippel

Application of Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy
Applications of Monte Carlo to Radiation Dosimetry
Hugo Bouchard and Jan Seuntjens

Monte Carlo Modeling of External Photon Beams in Radiotherapy
Frank Verhaegen

Monte Carlo Modeling of External Electron Beams in Radiotherapy
Frank Verhaegen

Dynamic Beam Delivery and 4D Monte Carlo
Emily Heath and Joao Seco

Patient Dose Calculation
Joao Seco and Maggy Fragoso

Monte Carlo Methods and Applications for Brachytherapy Dosimetry and Treatment Planning
Guillaume Landry, Mark R. Rivard, Jeffrey F. Williamson, and Frank Verhaegen

Monte Carlo as a QA Tool for Advanced Radiation Therapy
JinSheng Li and C.-M. Charlie Ma

Electrons: Clinical Considerations and Applications
Joanna E. Cygler and George X. Ding

Photons: Clinical Considerations and Applications
Michael K. Fix

Monte Carlo Calculations for Proton and Ion Beam Dosimetry
Hugo Palmans

Protons: Clinical Considerations and Applications
Harald Paganetti

Application of Monte Carlo Methods to Radionuclide Therapy
Michael Ljungberg

Monte Carlo for Kilovoltage and Megavoltage Imaging
George X. Ding and Andrew Fielding

Monte Carlo Calculations for PET-Based Treatment Verification of Ion Beam Therapy
Katia Parodi

Monte Carlo Studies of Prompt Gamma Emission and of Proton Radiography/Proton-CT
Joao Seco, Jerimy C. Polf, and Katia Parodi

Monte Carlo for Treatment Device Design
Bruce A. Faddegon

GPU-Based Fast Monte Carlo Simulation for Radiotherapy Dose Calculation
Xun Jia, Sami Hissoiny, and Steve B. Jiang

Monte Carlo for Shielding of Radiotherapy Facilities
Peter J. Biggs and Stephen F. Kry


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Editorial Reviews

"… this is the first textbook targeted at medical physicists that provides not only explanations of the fundamentals of MC methodology, but also reviews the application of this calculation methodology in a variety of RT fields. … This textbook and the foundation chapters in particular should be considered an essential resource for any student or practitioner of MC techniques in RT."
Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, March 2014