Chemistry of Natural Products: A Laboratory Handbook

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ISBN 9781466505247
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This book is a laboratory companion to Chemistry of Natural products - A Unified Approach, which was extensively revised and enlarged earlier this year. Some of the additions made therein need to be viewed from a practical perspective and this can be done in a revised edition of the laboratory handbook.

The first edition of the handbook, which was first published in 2003, has been sold out but there is still a demand for it. Several experimental procedures described in it are unique in the sense that they are not readily available in other books on practical organic chemistry. Additional experiments have been added to the revised edition as explained in the accompanying preface to the new edition.

The chemistry of natural products can be fully appreciated and enjoyed only by combining theoretical knowledge with experimentation. Students of the subject should, therefore, have ready access to a book which provides procedural details of the varied aspects of naturally organic compounds.

Table of Contents

Introduction. A Survey of the Methods of Extraction, Isolation and Fractionation of Naturally Occurring Organic Compounds. Isolation Procedures for Select Compounds. Chemical Transformation of some Natural Products. Synthesis of Select Compounds. Metabolism of Natural Products. Suggested Projects. Index.