Technological Advances in Interactive Collaborative Learning

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  • Explains how technology, pedagogy, and management are necessary components for the future of higher education
  • Covers cutting-edge research on the use of Web 2.0 technologies
  • Explores novel educational paradigms
  • Presents management approaches that enhance the learning process
  • Includes detailed examples and case studies


Exploring the latest developments in the technology and pedagogy of higher education, Technological Advances in Interactive Collaborative Learning presents information technology-oriented educational programs for the next generation of scientists and researchers. It highlights the importance of technology, pedagogy, and management in the higher education ecosystem.

With a focus on technological innovations, the book explains how Web 2.0 technologies can enhance collaborative learning and how immersive learning environments and mobile technologies can improve the learning process. The text then describes novel pedagogical and methodological approaches that underpin the technological advances, facilitate collaborative learning, and enable the efficient use of games. The book also covers managerial aspects and best practices through case studies and examples.

Drawing on the work of longtime researchers in computational science and e-learning, this book shows how interactive collaborative learning can help scientists and researchers acquire the multidisciplinary skills to understand and use complex mathematical models, high performance computing, and other advanced technology necessary in today’s interconnected, data-rich world. It will also help computer scientists and engineers create easy-to-use and research-friendly systems.

Table of Contents

The Role of Computational Science and Emerging Technologies in the Natural Sciences Education at University Level, N. Alexandrov, V. Alexandrov, and R. Ramirez-Velarde
Web 2.0 Technologies Applied to Collaborative Learning, R. Ramirez-Velarde and V. Alexandrov
Enhanced Learning through the Collaborative Immersive VR Networked System, P. Ramsamy, R. Jamieson, N. Alexandrov, and V. Alexandrov
Pervading Collaborative Learning with Mobile Devices, D. Johnson and I.M. Bhana
Creating Interactive Environments for Education, R. Ramirez-Velarde and J.J. Garcia-Rueda
Integrating Semantic Learning Object Repositories in the OKI Architecture, S. Sanchez-Alonso, D. Rodriguez, S. Arroyo, and M.A. Sicilia
Novel Pedagogical Paradigms for Collaborative Learning, N. Alexandrov, R. Ramirez-Velarde, and V. Alexandrov
Natural Learning and Collaborative Learning, N. Alexandrov, R. Ramirez-Velarde, and V. Alexandrov
The Integrated Learning Process, Metacognition, and Collaborative Learning, N. Alexandrov and R. Ramirez-Velarde
Transfer of E-Learning Metacognitive Skills Using Games, N.V. Cherenkova and N. Alexandrov
Measuring the Business Value of Learning Technology Implementation in Higher Education Settings, N. Alexandrov
Digital Literacy and Competencies for New E-Learning Environments, D. Leahy
Strategies for Sustainable E-Learning Projects, R. Ramirez-Velarde, D. Dolan, and J.R. Perez-Cazares