Neurophysiology: A Conceptual Approach, Fifth Edition

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    • Includes everything the student of medicine or physiology needs to understand neurophysiology
    • Integrates successfully the principles of neuroscience with clinical manifestations in line with modern undergraduate curricula
    • Covers developments in imaging technologies, genetics/genomics, and the enteric nervous system
    • Features color illustrations throughout

    A free companion website offers self-assessment material and access to the highly acclaimed NeuroLab resources


    The latest edition of this well-established, accessible introduction to neurophysiology succeeds in integrating the disciplines of neurology and neuroscience with an emphasis on principles and functional concepts.

    The authors deliver a refreshing alternative to "learning by rote," employing a variety of techniques to encourage understanding. In reading Neurophysiology: A conceptual approach, Fifth edition, students can learn both the science underlying a particular phenomenon and what this means for individual body systems and for the body as a whole. The fifth edition retains the readable style of its predecessors—covering the entire subject of neurophysiology from the conduction of nerve impulses to the higher functions of the brain within a single accessible volume. A free companion website offers self-assessment material and access to the highly acclaimed NeuroLab resources

    Full of color explanatory diagrams, Neurophysiology: A conceptual approach, Fifth edition is an unrivalled "one-stop shop" for students of medicine, physiology and applied physiology, neurophysiology, neuroscience, and other bioscience courses looking for an integrated introduction to the challenging disciplines of neuroscience and neurology.

    Table of Contents

    Neural Mechanisms
    The Study of the Brain
    Communication Within Neurons
    Communication Between Neurons
    Sensory Functions
    Skin Sense
    Smell And Taste
    Motor Functions
    Motor Control Systems
    Local Motor Control
    The Control of Posture
    Global Motor Control
    Higher Functions
    Associational Cortex and Memory
    Motivation and the Control of Behavior

    Author Bio(s)

    Roger Carpenter is Professor of Oculomotor Physiology, University of Cambridge, and Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, UK
    Benjamin Reddi is Intensive Care Specialist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, and Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide, Australia

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