A Concise Introduction to Programming in Python

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  • Includes code examples, exercises, and projects from a variety of application domains
  • Allows instructors to easily adapt the book to their preferences, as each chapter takes approximately one class period
  • Introduces basic programming constructs such as functions, selection, and repetition early, allowing them to be used throughout the course
  • Covers object terminology in the middle of the course and class design toward the end
  • Presents chapters on functional and parallel programming
  • Provides source code, a Python dictionary, and other materials at www.central.edu/go/conciseintro/

Solutions manual available upon qualifying course adoption


Suitable for newcomers to computer science, A Concise Introduction to Programming in Python provides a succinct, yet complete, first course in computer science using the Python programming language.

The book features:

  • Short, modular chapters with brief and precise explanations, intended for one class period
  • Early introduction of basic procedural constructs such as functions, selection, and repetition, allowing them to be used throughout the course
  • Objects are introduced in the middle of the course, and class design comes toward the end
  • Examples, exercises, and projects from a wide range of application domains, including biology, physics, images, sound, mathematics, games, and textual analysis
  • No external libraries are required, simplifying the book’s use in common lab spaces

Each chapter introduces a main idea through a concrete example and a series of exercises. Designed to teach programming in a concise, yet comprehensive way, this book provides a timely introduction for students and anyone interested in learning Python.

Table of Contents

Computer Systems and Software
Python Program Components
Repetition: For Loops
Computer Memory: Integers
Selection: If Statements
Algorithm Design and Debugging
Repetition: While Loops
Project: Newton’s Method
Computer Memory: Floats
Project: Visualization

Collections and Files
Building Strings
Project: ISBN Check Digits
Computer Memory: Text
Project: Program Performance
Project: Heat Diffusion
String Methods
Project: File Compression
Mutable and Immutable Objects
Project: Hangman
Project: ELIZA
Project: Shannon Entropy
Project: Reading DNA Frames

Selected Topics
Sound Manipulation
Sound Synthesis
Image Manipulation
Project: Image Filters
Image Synthesis
Writing Classes
Cooperating Classes
Case Study: PPM Image Class
Related Classes
Functional Programming
Parallel Programming
Graphical User Interfaces

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