Stated Preference Methods Using R

Stated Preference Methods Using R

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ISBN 9781439890479
Cat# K14108
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  • Provides an overview of methods for the quantitative measurement of individual preferences
  • Includes the theoretical details of all the methods
  • Contains detailed examples from economics and market research
  • Implements all the methods using R and provides the code and data sets online


The quantitative measurement of individual preferences is essential, allowing us to understand social phenomena and derive appropriate policies and business inferences. Suitable for applied statisticians and empirical researchers, this book helps readers select the best method for such measurement from the many econometric methods available. Providing a practical understanding of these methods, the authors present the theoretical foundations of each method together with worked examples to illustrate their application in various fields, notably empirical economics and market research. R is used to implement all methods, with code, packages, and data sets available online.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Choice Experiments. Contingent Valuation Methods. Best Worst Scaling Methods. Count Data Analyses. Calculations in R. References. Index.

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