Sexually Motivated Crimes: Understanding the Profile of the Sex Offender and Applying Theory to Practice

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    • Offers the insights of a child abuse investigator expert and ICIAF behavioral science specialist
    • Uses an accessible approach conducive to adult learning styles
    • Builds on existing publications and theories to expand the discussion
    • Presents case studies demonstrating the concepts discussed
    • Provides a teaching guide for investigators to apply to working cases


    In cases where minimal or no physical evidence exists, behavioral evidence may be all that investigators have available to help them focus the investigation. It may be the only aspect of the case that can link one unsolved case to another, or to numerous other unsolved cases. Sexually Motivated Crimes: Understanding the Profile of the Sex Offender and Applying Theory to Practice discusses the dynamics and behaviors associated with sex offenders and explains their direct application to both the criminal investigation and to society.

    Content chapters include an introduction to the subject matter, a discussion of the existing research and literature regarding the issue, and an explanation of the topic’s importance and application through practical illustrations. These chapters are followed by actual case studies that illustrate practical application of the content. The book presents the foundational concepts of the nature of criminal sexuality and then explores:

    • The importance of recognizing nuisance offenses—commonly dismissed by police officers—as a precursor to more serious crimes of violence
    • Essential literature pertaining to rapists, including basic motivations, typologies, methods of approach, and levels of force, as well as the importance of a proper victim interview
    • The definition of sexual homicide and the dynamics between victims and offenders
    • Reasons why child sex offenders choose to offend children, and reasons children fail to disclose or delay in disclosing their abuse
    • The three components of child sexual exploitation: molestation, pornography, and prostitution

    Written in an accessible style geared to police officers and practitioners, this volume builds and expands upon the existing literature, uses unique theories and perspectives derived from the author’s years of training and investigative experience, and provides clear and precise information that law enforcement officers can apply to their daily work.

    Table of Contents

    Sexually Motivated Offenses
    Criminal Sexuality
    Fantasy versus Reality
    Behavior Reflects Personality
    Crime Scene Analysis
    Modus Operandi/Method of Operation
    Sexual Ritual/Signature
    Crime Scene Staging
    From Theory to Practice
    Case Study: The "Modeling Agent" Serial Rapist
    Case Summaries
    Incident No. 1
    Incident No. 2
    Incident No. 3
    Incident No. 4
    Incident No. 5
    Incident No. 6
    Incident No. 7
    Incident No. 8
    Criminal Investigative Analysis
    Crime Assessment
    The Nuisance Offender
    Offender Progression
    Sexual Masochism
    Sexual Sadism
    Transvestic Fetishism
    Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified
    A Case Study
    From Theory to Practice
    Case Study: The Farmers Mill Sex Offender
    The Incidents
    Incident No. 1
    Incident No. 2
    Incident No. 3
    Incident No. 4
    Linkage Analysis
    Behavioral Characteristics and Traits
    Profile of the Rapist
    Rapist Motivations
    Rapist Methods of Approach
    Con Approach
    Blitz Approach
    Surprise Approach
    Rapist Levels of Force
    Minimal Force
    Moderate Force
    Excessive Force
    Brutal Force
    Rapist Behavior
    Pseudo-Unselfish Behavior
    Selfish Behavior
    Rapist Typologies
    Power-Reassurance Rapist
    Power-Assertive Rapist
    Anger-Retaliatory Rapist
    Anger-Excitation Rapist
    Opportunistic Rape
    Gang Rape
    The Rape Victim
    Victim Interview
    False Allegations
    Compliant Victims
    From Theory to Practice
    Case Study: The Water Bridge Rapists
    Case Facts
    Victim Interview
    Evidence Searches and Seizures
    Interview of Co-Defendant: Danny
    Statements from Co-Defendant: Frankie (a.k.a. Chris)
    Interview of Roommate
    Conviction and Sentencing
    Sexual Homicide
    Assessment of Victim Risk
    Victim Selection/Criteria
    Organized/Disorganized Offender Dichotomy
    The Organized Offender
    The Disorganized Offender
    Sadistic Homicide
    Lust Murder
    Homosexual Homicides
    Homicide of the Elderly
    From Theory to Practice
    Case Study: The Mysterious Murder of the "Lady of the Night"
    Postmortem Examination
    External Injuries
    Internal Injuries
    Crime Assessment
    Documentation of Events
    Crime Scene Reconstruction
    Offender Characteristics and Traits
    Post-Offense Behavior
    Profile of the Child Sex Offender
    Child Sexual Abuse
    The Perfect Victims
    Multidisciplinary Investigative Team Approach
    Child Sex Offenders
    Child Sex Offender Typologies
    Child Erotica and Sexual Paraphernalia
    From Theory to Practice
    Case Study: The Molester in Troop No. 357
    Case Facts
    The Victims and Witnesses
    The Offender
    Missing and Exploited Children
    Sexual Exploitation of Children
    Child Molestation
    Child Pornography
    Child Prostitution
    Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program
    Child Abduction and Homicide
    Runaway Children and Youth
    Family/Nonfamily Abductions
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    From Theory to Practice
    Westley Allan Dodd
    Case Study: The Bizarre Case of the "Pockmarked" Abductor
    The Abductions
    In-State Abductions
    Out-of-State Abductions
    Task Force Investigation
    Identification of Suspect: Colbert Holiday
    Crime Laboratory Results
    Case Disposition

    Author Bio(s)

    Janet R. Oliva, Ph.D., is a retired inspector and behavioral scientist for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). During her tenure with the GBI, Oliva was considered the state’s leading child abuse expert. Committed to educating public safety officers, Dr. Oliva developed and taught numerous law enforcement training programs on sexually motivated crimes and crisis intervention.