My Molecular Cuisine Kit

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ISBN 9781439879429
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  • Explains the science behind the techniques used
  • Includes measuring spoons, pipettes, silicon molds, tubing, syringe, and slotted spoon--all the components needed to create the recipes at home
  • Covers techniques for spherification, emulsion, soft, elastic, and brittle gels, and mousse
  • Contains a conversion table for measurements


It’s about taste, texture, mouthfeel, and, most importantly, satisfaction. Called "the science of deliciousness" by acclaimed cookbook author Harold McGee, molecular gastronomy is arguably the hottest cooking trend since, well, since cooking with fire became so popular. Top Chef fans have oohed and aahed over astounding culinary delights and puzzled over the revolutionary foam, gelee, and spherification techniques highlighted on the show. Now anyone can whip up these creations with My Molecular Cuisine Kit. With easy-to-follow recipes for creating elegant dishes, this kit gives home chefs and hobbyists the tools they need to be in the same league as chefs Blumenthal, Adria, and This.

This could be the menu for your next get together:

  • Foie Gras, Muscat, and Dark Chocolate Lollipops
  • Pulled Duck Confit with White Wine and Orange Spaghetti
  • Puffed Peanut Chicken Fries with Pastis Mayonnaise
  • Spherical Chorizo and Cider
  • Dulce de Leche and Crystal Salt
  • Frosty Mint and Chocolate Marshmallow
  • Deconstructed Tiramisu

The kit consists of measuring spoons, pipettes, tubing, silicon molds, and slotted spoons accompanied by a book featuring color photographs, illustrations, and 28 molecular gastronomy recipes, written by Anne Cazor and Christine Lienard, protégés of Molecular Gastronomy founder Hervé This. Translated by award-winning chef Gui Alinat, the text presents the field of molecular gastronomy as a scientific discipline concentrating on culinary transformations. The book unlocks the secrets to the new dishes, new textures, new flavors, and new sensations of this cutting-edge cooking style.

Table of Contents

Puffed Peanut Chicken Fries with Pastis Mayonnaise
Tuna Club Sandwich, Sesame-Vermouth White Mayonnaise
Strawberry-Pesto-Cider Gazpacho with Strawberry Coulis
Trio of Vinaigrettes in Spray Bottles

Soft Gel
Apple and Beet Tea
Frosty Mint and Chocolate Marshmallow
Sabayon Mousse and Cold Ratatouille

Brittle Gel
Dulce de Leche and Crystal Salt
Baked Camembert and Honey Pearls
Foie Gras, Muscat, and Dark Chocolate Lollipops
Apple and Cider Vinegar Crumble
Gelled Pina Colada

Elastic Gel
Pulled Duck Confit with White Wine and Orange Spaghetti
Chocolate-Balsamic Macaroon
Salmon Sashimi and Avocado, Banana and Balsamic Gelee

Lychee Spere with Ricotta, Raspberry and Rosewater Creme
Vodka Shot with Apple Caramel Sphere
Raw Oyster and Its Raspberry Vinegar Pearl
Deconstructed Tiramisu
Spherical Tzatziki
Cardamom and Yoghurt Sphere, Mango Tartare
Spherical Chorizo and Cider
Kahlua© Sphere and Vodka Shot

Crumble of Raspberry and Lychee Mousse
Frozen Nutella© Mousse
Avocado Mousse on a Bed of Sweet Polenta

Author Bio(s)

Anne Cazor is a doctor of Molecular Gastronomy and food engineer. She created her own company: Cuisine Innovation, a consulting and training firm also offering online sales of products and equipment for culinary innovation.

Christine Lienard is an engineer in the food industry, holds degrees in food safety and health & nutrition, She has participated in several food research projects and worked in the field of culinary technology.

The translator, Chef Gui Alinat is a certified executive chef, food writer, and food photographer. Born, raised, and trained as a chef in Provence, Chef Hui is an instructor at the Art Institute of Tampa and the Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy in Tarpon Springs, Florida. His first book, The Chef’s Repertoire, won a Culinary Academy Award for Literature in the Culinary References category of the International Annual Cookbooks and Culinary Arts 2009 Awards Program.