Cancer Nanotechnology: Principles and Applications in Radiation Oncology

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  • Offers a complete summary of the intersection of nanotechnology and radiation oncology
  • Covers basic principles of cancer targeting by nanomaterials as well as safety and regulatory issues
  • Presents the full spectrum of developments in experimental research, preclinical testing, and potential clinical uses of nanomaterials as enhancers of radiation therapy efficacy


Rapid advances in nanotechnology have enabled the fabrication of nanoparticles from various materials with different shapes, sizes, and properties, and efforts are ongoing to exploit these materials for practical clinical applications. Nanotechnology is particularly relevant in the field of oncology, as the leaky and chaotic vasculature of tumors—a hallmark of unrestrained growth—results in the passive accumulation of nanoparticles within tumors.

Cancer Nanotechnology: Principles and Applications in Radiation Oncology is a compilation of research in the arena of nanoparticles and radiation oncology, which lies at the intersection of disciplines as diverse as clinical radiation oncology, radiation physics and biology, nanotechnology, materials science, and biomedical engineering. The book provides a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary survey of basic principles, research techniques, and outcomes with the goals of eventual clinical translation.

Coverage includes

  • A general introduction to fabrication, preferential tumor targeting, and imaging of nanoparticles
  • The specific applications of nanomaterials in the realms of radiation therapy, hyperthermia, thermal therapy, and normal tissue protection from radiation exposure
  • Outlooks for future research and clinical translation including regulatory issues for ultimate use of nanomaterials in humans

Reflecting profound advances in the application of nanotechnology to radiation oncology, this comprehensive volume demonstrates how the unique physicochemical properties of nanoparticles lead to novel strategies for cancer treatment and detection. Along with various computational and experimental techniques, each chapter highlights the most promising approaches to the use of nanoparticles for radiation response modulation.

Table of Contents

Basic Principles of Radiation Oncology and Radiosensitization
Basic Principles of Radiation Therapy of Cancers
Laurence Court and Radhe Mohan
Biological Principles of Radiosensitization
Vikas Bhardwaj, M. Angelica Cortez, Mohamad Fakhreddine, and James Welsh
Principles and Application of Hyperthermia Combined with Radiation
Mark Hurwitz

Synthesis, Safety, and Imaging of Nanomaterials for Cancer Applications
Synthesis and Surface Modification of Nanomaterials for Tumor Targeting
Glenn Goodrich
Safety Concerns for Nanomaterials in Nanomedicinal Applications
Qingxin Mu, Yi Zhang, Aijuan Liu, Nana Liang, Yanyan Liu, Yan Mu, Gaoxing Su, and Bing Yan
Imaging with Nanoparticles
Amit Joshi
Optical Microscopy of Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Varun P. Pattani and James W. Tunnell
X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography Imaging of Nanoparticles
Bernard L. Jones and Sang Hyun Cho

Nanomaterials for Radiation Therapy
Gold Nanoparticle–Mediated Radiosensitization
Devika B. Chithrani
Quantification of Gold Nanoparticle–Mediated Radiation Dose Enhancement
Sang Hyun Cho and Bernard L. Jones
Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Radiotherapy
Ke Sheng
Radioactive Gold Nanoparticles for Tumor Therapy
Raghuraman Kannan, Kattesh V. Katti and Cathy Cutler
Nanoparticles for Selective Radioprotection of Normal Tissues
Jacob M. Berlin and Kathy A. Mason

Nanomaterials for Hyperthermia and Thermal Therapy
Gold Nanoparticle–Mediated Hyperthermia in Cancer Therapy
Dev K. Chatterjee and Sunil Krishnan
Magnetic Resonance Temperature Imaging for Gold Nanoparticle–Mediated Thermal Therapy
R. Jason Stafford and John D. Hazle
Modeling of Plasmonic Heat Generation from Gold Nanoparticles
Francisco Reynoso and Sang Hyun Cho
Carbon Nanotubes for Thermal Therapy
Ravi N. Singh, Peter Alexander, Andrew R. Burke, Frank M. Torti, and Suzy V. Torti

Future Outlook
Regulatory Issues for Clinical Translations
J. Donald Payne
Clinical Translations of Nanotechnology: Present and Future Outlook
Dev K. Chatterjee, Sang Hyun Cho, and Sunil Krishnan