The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence: A Leader's Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence

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  • Describes a comprehensive approach to achieving excellence, from board room strategy to shop floor execution
  • Facilitates vertical and horizontal organization alignment
  • Details a process for tracking progress
  • Contains chapters devoted to each manufacturing principle and each leader's role
    • Includes a CD with Excel files of a sample Manufacturing Excellence Audit, a sample Communications Plan, and a sample Training Plan that can be customized to meet readers’ needs


    Explaining how to implement and sustain a top-down strategy for manufacturing excellence, The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence: A Leader’s Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence provides a comprehensive, proven approach for delivering world-class performance while also cultivating the right culture through leadership and mentoring.

    Tapping into four decades of leadership experience, 35 years of it in the manufacturing industry, Larry Fast explains how to achieve vertical and horizontal alignment across your organization. He details a clear pathway to excellence via the 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence and provides a method for tracking progress—plant by plant and function by function. Emphasizing the importance of using Lean and Six Sigma tools to improve your business, the book:

    • Integrates strategy and leadership development
    • Paves a path for culture change–Operator-Led Process Control (OLPC)—that prepares hourly employees to take control of their processes and prepares management to enable them to do it
    • Details an audit process for tracking progress and ensuring sustainability
    • Includes a CD with color versions of the images in the book as well as a sample Manufacturing Excellence Audit, a sample Communications Plan, and a sample Training Plan that can all be easily customized for the reader’s use

    This resource-rich book will allow you to spell out leadership expectations and provide your employees and associates with a clear understanding of their individual roles. Helping you keep everyone in your organization focused during the quest towards sustainable manufacturing excellence, the accompanying CD supplies the tools you and your team will need to pursue it with passion, confidence, and urgency.

    Listen to what Larry Fast has to say about his new book, The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence.

    Part One Part Two

    Table of Contents


    The Manufacturing Excellence Strategy
    The Next Epiphany
    The Origin of the 12 Manufacturing Principles
    The Manufacturing Excellence Strategy
    Common Metrics
    The Manufacturing Excellence Audit (MEA)

    Manufacturing Principle 1: Safety
    The Plant Champion for Principle 1
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 2: Good Housekeeping and Organization
    Set in Order
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 3: Authorized Formal Systems
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 4: Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 5: Process Capability
    Short-Term Actions
    Longer-Term Actions
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 6: Product Quality
    Quality Systems Expertise
    Standard Work
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 7: Delivery Performance
    Stage Summary (Stages1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 8: Visual Management
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 9: Continuous Improvement
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 10: Communication
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 11: Training
    Stage Summary (Stages 1-4)

    Manufacturing Principle 12: Operator-Led Process Control
    Principle 1: Safety
    Principle 2: Housekeeping
    Principle 3: Manufacturing Systems
    Principle 4: Preventive Maintenance
    Principle 5: Process Capability
    Principle 6: Product Quality
    Principle 7: Delivery Performance
    Principle 8: Visual Management
    Principle 9: Productivity
    Principle 10: Communications
    Principle 11: Training
    Principle 12: Operator-Led Process Control
    Stage Summary (Stages 1 -4)


    The Plant Manager’s Role
    Other Things Good Plant Managers Expect
    Timely Communications
    Feed Your Own Monkeys
    Develop Your Own Organization
    Properly Administer Company Policies
    Make the Numbers

    The Manufacturing Manager’s Role
    Key Relationships with Peer Group

    The Materials Manager’s Role
    Production Control Office (PCO)
    Purchasing or Sourcing
    Formal Systems Zealot
    Lean Zealot

    The Process Engineering Manager’s Role
    The Engineering Staff
    Capital Appropriations
    Systems Infrastructure
    Process Engineering—A Key Team Member

    The Maintenance Manager’s Role
    Preventive Maintenance
    The Rolling 3-Year Facility Maintenance Plan
    Maintenance Staffing

    The Quality Manager’s Role
    Technical Expert on Quality Improvement Tools
    Lead the Change from Firefighting to Fire Prevention
    The Customer Advocate on Product Quality

    The Human Resource Manager’s Role
    The Hourly Associate’s Voice
    Service-Oriented Staff of Experts
    Plant Manager’s Confidant
    Policy Administration
    Environmental Health and Safety
    Culture Change Zealot

    The Finance Manager’s Role
    Establishing Rapport
    The Finance Manager’s Role with the Other Plant Staff Managers
    Keeper of the Metrics
    Capital Investment Watchdog
    Systems Integrity Zealot
    Shop Floor Visibility

    Sustaining Manufacturing Excellence
    The Rest of the Story

    Appendix A: The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence
    Appendix C: Manufacturing Excellence Reading List, 1986–2010
    Appendix D: Formulas for Selected Metrics


    Appendices on the accompanying CD:
    Appendix B: Manufacturing Excellence Audit
    Appendix E: Example of a Communications Plan Calendar
    Appendix F: Example of a Training Plan

    Author Bio(s)

    Editorial Reviews

    From a professional stand point, The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence: A Leader's Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence is one of the best, most complete and useful professional books that I have read or routinely referenced.

    Having been in or directly supported Quality Assurance and/or Manufactuirng Operaitons for over 40 years I personally feel this book ranks up there with some of Crosby's, Deming's and Juran's work, especially in the areas of understanding fundamental concepts, functional utility and strategic accomplishment. For those who want to drive positive change and increase in QA, Operational and business bottom line contribution this is a must have reference.

    Larry Fast get's it!! The principles discussed and tools incorporate (like the Manufacturing Excellence Audit) will increase organizational critical thinking, enrollment and achievement.
    John M. Scott, Vice President, Food Safety & Quality Assurance, The Cheesecake Factory Manufacturing Division

    This book encompasses most if not all of the areas of manufacturing excellence that are important to our business and leadership culture. The simplicity in which these principles are described and the requirements of various management roles in driving excellence through these principles are of great value to any organization that is serious about driving change and improvement.
    —John Despins, Director of Continuous Improvement, Global Brass & Copper Inc.

    Great template on how to build manufacturing excellence. I can use this with any operation. I already knew most of the tools, but this prescribed approach pulls it all together. … The 12 Principles are very applicable to all functions. … an excellent roadmap for developing and running a world-class operation. It will become my model for continuous improvement. … Larry’s understanding of operations and business management shows well. Clearly he has taken years of valuable experience and pulled it together in a way and format that everyone can use and follow. It’s a great how-to manual.
    —Mike Stonecipher, Director of Operational Excellence, Power Partners, Inc.

    The Manufacturing Excellence Audit will be a great tool to be used in our organization.
    —Jimmy Duncan, Manufacturing Manager, Lincoln Electric

    I think I've read at least 100 different books on all the various programs, methods, and techniques that are typically tied to continuous improvement or manufacturing excellence, and yours is the only book that has taken an integrated approach to capture the key principles. I've become a disciple and zealot by reading all those books, attending numerous training seminars and conferences, and being personally involved as a team participant or change agent in many change initiatives. Some very successful, some not so much. Your book has helped validate our own journey within a long standing organization with a history of being very internally focused.
    —William (Bill) Fautch, Vice President, Manufacturing, Olin Brass—Mill Products, a Division of Global Brass & Copper, LLC

    I just received your book and I am almost through reading it already. Fantastic! It's a must read for anyone in manufacturing.
    —Peter Olmsted, Chief Talent Officer, Definity Partners; Former SVP Human Resources, General Cable Corporation

    I have read your book, and I should say it was one of the best manufacturing books I have read. I work at the Global Operational Excellence of SAPA Group ... it's about aluminium extrusions, and your book is a mandatory read for what we call Genesis, which is the name of our lean manufacturing system. I have some ideas related with your 12 principles, and during 2014 I would like to dig more into the details and make some proposals to our management. Your book should be a mandatory read for any manufacturing / plant manager.
    Pablo Rognone, Director, Global HP Dies Development & Coordination, SAPA AB, Oslo, Norway

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