250 Indie Games You Must Play

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    • Presents 250 influential, fun, and often free indie video games, including puzzles, RPGs, strategy, and shoot ‘em ups
    • Gives short descriptions of the games
    • Provides direct web links so that users can play the games described


    With a surge in popularity recently and an increase in great downloadable games, there has never been a better time to learn about independent "indie" games. 250 Indie Games You Must Play is a guide to the exciting and expanding world of indie gaming. Whether you are a veteran of the indie game scene or have never played an indie game before, this book helps you experience the best in indie gaming and further your understanding of why indie games are so important in the entertainment industry.

    The wide range of games highlighted in the text encompasses concepts and ideas that will change your perspective of what video games can be. The book covers puzzlers, platformers, beat ‘em ups, shoot ‘em ups, role-playing, and strategy.

    Apart from being fun, indie games can be experimental, emotional, nostalgic, and occasionally just plain bizarre. Some make you sit back in awe, while others have you thinking, "Why have I never played a game like this before?" Better still, the majority of these games are completely free to play and even the commercial releases are incredibly cheap. Once you start playing indie games, you may not be able to look at your big-budget blockbusters the same way ever again.

    Table of Contents

    What Are "Indie"Games?
    What Does It Mean to Be an Indie Developer?
    Why Have Indie Games Become so Popular in Recent Years?
    Indie Gaming Resources
    Indie Game Festivals
    What You'll Need to Play
    Part 1: Download Games
    Part 2: Browser-Based Games
    Part 3: Commercial Games
    Index of Games

    Author Bio(s)

    Mike Rose is a freelance games journalist and one of the editors of IndieGames.com, a popular indie gaming news site. He also writes for Gamasutra, Pocket Gamer UK, and Strategy Informer.

    Editorial Reviews

    "... fine guide to the creative world of indie gaming and highlights concepts and ideas that expand the boundaries of video gaming. Such games can be experimental, emotional or strange, and some make you think. This volume gathers over two hundred influential and fun indie video games, describes them and includes screenshots, and provides web links so users can play the games. Any gamer interested in video gaming will find this a key choice."
    —California Bookwatch December 2012

    "Responding to the expansion of the independent gaming field, Rose has compiled a record of its best programs. … A fun briefing for gaming enthusiasts."
    —Library Journal, August 2012

    "...presents 250 recommendations, describing each game, including color screenshots, and providing direct web links for playing. Game enthusiasts will find it a 'must have'."
    —Midwest Book Review

    "... a book I’d recommend to anyone who’s a gamer or a game developer ... also be a one-stop resource to know what indie developers are doing around the world."

    "250 Indie Games You Must Play is an excellent guide to the growing world of indie gaming."

    "The attention to detail is superb… he really knows what he's talking about. ...9/10"
    Go! Gaming Giant

    "250 Indie Games You Must Play is a book you must have in your possession if you enjoy video games. ...4.5/5"
    Blog Jeux Video

    "It picks out some of the very best games released over the last few years and presents them together consistently, concisely and away from the clutter of chaff and non-playable content"
    Game Maker Blog

    "250 Indie Games is the best physical format compilation... I'm happy with the purchase"
    Pixels Mil

    "A retro look tempting with games that are simple in concept but devilish in their addendum"
    Purple Tentacle

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