Physics of Thermal Therapy: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications

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  • Overviews heat transfer, thermal dose models, practical invasive and non-invasive thermometry, and numerical modeling for simulation and treatment planning
  • Discusses the latest advances in non-invasive thermometry, MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound, and enhanced drug delivery using liposomes and hyperthermia
  • Includes chapters on cutting-edge topics such as magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy, thermal therapy applications of microbubbles, and thermochemical ablation
  • Covers the fundamental physics of thermal therapy, including chapters on bio-heat transfer, thermal dose, thermometry, electromagnetic and acoustic energy sources, and numerical modeling
  • Overviews of clinical systems, covering internally and externally applied electromagnetic and acoustic energy sources
  • Describes the physical aspects of an emerging thermal therapy technology, covering both conventional as well as emerging imaging technologies and tools for image-guided therapies


The field of thermal therapy has been growing tenaciously in the last few decades. The application of heat to living tissues, from mild hyperthermia to high-temperature thermal ablation, has produced a host of well-documented genetic, cellular, and physiological responses that are being researched intensely for medical applications, particularly for treatment of solid cancerous tumors using image guidance. The controlled application of thermal energy to living tissues has proven a great challenge, requiring expertise from multiple disciplines, thereby leading to the development of many sophisticated pre-clinical and clinical devices and treatment techniques. Physics of Thermal Therapy: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications captures the breadth and depth of this highly multidisciplinary field.

Focusing on applications in cancer treatment, this book covers basic principles, practical aspects, and clinical applications of thermal therapy. An overview of the fundamentals shows how use of controlled heat in medicine and biology involves electromagnetics, acoustics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and imaging sciences. The book discusses challenges in the use of thermal energy on living tissues and explores the genetic, cellular, and physiological responses that can be employed in the fight against cancer from the physics and engineering perspectives. It also highlights recent advances, including the treatment of solid tumors using image-guided thermal therapy, microbubbles, nanoparticles, and other cutting-edge techniques.

Table of Contents

Foundations of Thermal Therapy Physics
Fundamentals of Bioheat Transfer
Kenneth R. Diller
Thermal Dose Models: Irreversible Alterations in Tissues
John A. Pearce
Practical Clinical Thermometry
R. Jason Stafford and Brian A. Taylor
Physics of Electromagnetic Energy Sources
Jeffrey W. Hand
The Physics of Ultrasound Energy Sources
V. Bull and Gail R. ter Haar
Numerical Modeling for Simulation and Treatment Planning of Thermal Therapy: Ultrasound
Robert J. McGough
Numerical Modeling for Simulation and Treatment Planning of Thermal Therapy
Esra Neufeld, Maarten Paulides, Gerard van Rhoon, and Niels Kuster

Clinical Thermal Therapy Systems
External Electromagnetic Methods and Devices
Gerard C. van Rhoon
Interstitial Electromagnetic Devices for Thermal Ablation
Dieter Haemmerich and Chris Brace
Clinical External Ultrasonic Treatment Devices
Lili Chen, Faqi Li, Feng Wu, and Eduardo G. Moros
Endocavity and Catheter-Based Ultrasound Devices
Chris J. Diederich

Physical Aspects of Emerging Technology for Thermal Therapy
Evolving Tools for Navigated Image-Guided Thermal Cancer Therapy
Kevin Cleary, Emmanuel Wilson, and Filip Banovac
Temperature Imaging Using Ultrasound
R. Martin Arthur
Focused Ultrasound Applications for Brain Cancer
Meaghan A. O’Reilly and Kullervo Hynynen
Extracorporeal Ultrasound-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Ablation for Cancer Patients
Feng Wu
Using Hyperthermia to Augment Drug Delivery
Mark W. Dewhirst
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy
Michael L. Etheridge, John C. Bischof, and Andreas Jordan
Application of Gold Nanoparticles in Laser Thermal Therapy
Zhenpeng Qin and John C. Bischof
Thermochemical Ablation
Erik N. K. Cressman

Editorial Reviews

"This long overdue volume offers a richly enhanced update on these classic texts, and adds numerous chapters on new areas of research and clinical activity. It is a well-rounded, balanced presentation of the current status of the field of thermal medicine, and is packed with useful new material."
Medical Physics, June 2013