Nano-Semiconductors: Devices and Technology

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  • Outlines the materials and device structures needed for microelectronics to evolve into nanoelectronics
  • Provides a complete review of the device architecture alternatives for the future of nanotechnology
  • Depicts the state of the art in nano devices, which include carbon nanotubes, graphene, and emerging silicon and III-V device structures
  • Examines real market needs and barriers faced by current technology
  • Presents the work of international contributors who offer wide geographical coverage and balanced perspectives
  • Provides the mathematical aspects of hierarchic methods, with more than 3000 equations
  • Covers a range of applications in addition to free electron lasers, such as femtosecond lasers and parametric oscillators
  • Re-examines classical approaches to the electromagnetics of optical systems
  • Includes practical examples of FELs


With contributions from top international experts from both industry and academia, Nano-Semiconductors: Devices and Technology is a must-read for anyone with a serious interest in future nanofabrication technologies.

Taking into account the semiconductor industry’s transition from standard CMOS silicon to novel device structures—including carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene, quantum dots, and III-V materials—this book addresses the state of the art in nano devices for electronics. It provides an all-encompassing, one-stop resource on the materials and device structures involved in the evolution from micro- to nanoelectronics.

The book is divided into three parts that address:

  • Semiconductor materials (i.e., carbon nanotubes, memristors, and spin organic devices)
  • Silicon devices and technology (i.e., BiCMOS, SOI, various 3D integration and RAM technologies, and solar cells)
  • Compound semiconductor devices and technology

This reference explores the groundbreaking opportunities in emerging materials that will take system performance beyond the capabilities of traditional CMOS-based microelectronics. Contributors cover topics ranging from electrical propagation on CNT to GaN HEMTs technology and applications. Approaching the trillion-dollar nanotech industry from the perspective of real market needs and the repercussions of technological barriers, this resource provides vital information about elemental device architecture alternatives that will lead to massive strides in future development.

Table of Contents

Section I: Semiconductor Materials

Electrical Propagation on Carbon Nanotubes: From Electrodynamics to Circuit Models, A. Maffucci, A.G. Chiariello, C. Forestiere, and G. Miano

Monolithic Integration of Carbon Nanotubes and CMOS, H. Xie

Facile, Scalable, and Ambient—Electrochemical Route for Titania Memristor Fabrication, S. Chaudhary and N.M. Neihart

Spin Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Brief Overview of the First Eight Years, K.M. Alam and S. Pramanik

Section II: Silicon Devices and Technology

SiGe BiCMOS Technology and Devices, M. Racanelli and E. Preisler

Ultimate FDSOI Multigate MOSFETs and Multibarrier Boosted Gate Resonant Tunneling FETs for a New High-Performance Low-Power Paradigm, A. Afzalian

Development of 3D Chip Integration Technology, K. Sakuma

Embedded Spin–Transfer–Torque MRAM, K. Lee

Nonvolatile Memory Device: Resistive Random Access Memory, P. Zhou, L. Chen, H. Lv, H. Wan, and Q. Sun

DRAM Technology, M.J. Lee

Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Optimization and Modeling, J. Huang and V. Moroz

Radiation Effects on Silicon Devices, M. Bagatin, S. Gerardin, and A. Paccagnella

Section III: Compound Semiconductor Devices and Technology

GaN/InGaN Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Using Direct-Growth Technology, S.-C. Shen, J.-H. Ryou, and R.D. Dupuis

GaN HEMTs Technology and Applications, G.I. Ng and S. Arulkumaran

Surface Treatment, Fabrication, and Performances of GaN-Based Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor High-Electron Mobility Transistors, C.-T. Lee

GaN-Based HEMTs on Large Diameter Si Substrate for Next Generation of High Power/High Temperature Devices, F. Medjdoub

GaAs HBT and Power Amplifier Design for Handset Terminals, K. Yamamoto

Resonant Tunneling and Negative Differential Resistance in III-Nitrides, V. Litvinov

New Frontiers in Intersubband Optoelectronics Using III- Nitride Semiconductors, P.K. Kandaswamy and E. Monroy

Editor Bio(s)

Krzysztof Iniewski is managing R&D developments at Redlen Technologies, Inc., a start-up company in British Columbia, and is also an Executive Director of CMOS Emerging Teclmologies, Inc.