Information, Communication, and Space Technology

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  • Covers existing and emerging ICT and space technologies
  • Reflects the most recent developments and achievements in the field
  • Builds from basic definitions and explanations of key concepts and theories toward more concrete and application oriented technologies
  • Includes summary and questions at the end of each chapter


Many books have covered the rapidly evolving fields of information and communication technology (ICT) and space technology separately. However, no single book has ever focused on how the integration of these two areas is creating a stronger platform for various scientific advancements—including some research work that cannot be performed on Earth.

To fill the void, Information, Communication, and Space Technology provides a novel illustration of that connection. Dividing content into sections that cover ICT, existing and future space technologies, and satellites, the author demonstrates the individual and combined power of each of these parts of the overall system. He explores how the combination of concepts from each of these interrelated fields is creating massive potential for broader advances in areas such as robotics, communications, navigation, agriculture, health care, and nanotechnology. The book introduces particular potential innovations, including "rocket-less" spacecraft launches, and development of a global system to balance energy distribution by using satellites that would collect solar energy and transmit it via microwave beams to different locations around the world.

Equally useful to students and professionals, this work is a culmination of the domestic and international experience that the author has acquired throughout more than three decades as an instructor and researcher. Emphasizing the strong need to incorporate ICT and space technology into the general university curriculum, the book starts with basic explanations of key concepts and theories, building toward more concrete, application-oriented examples that reveal the importance and impact of new technologies. This includes coverage of how satellites transfer voice, video, and other data across continents, as well as techniques used to obtain very-high-resolution images from space for use in agricultural and environmental sciences.This timely work employs a logical, practically structured approach that will help readers to better understand existing and emerging ICT and space technologies, including the most recent developments and achievements in the field.

Table of Contents


Information and Communication Technology

Basic Definitions and Principles of Information and Communication Technology

ICT Applications

Space Technology

Outer Space

Space Within Reach


Application Satellites

Scientific Satellites

Communication Satellites

Future Space Technologies

Space Technologies

Non-rocket Space Launch

Single Stage-to-Orbit

Solar Power Satellites

Information and Communication Technology and Space Technology



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