Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems

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  • Clarifies theory and practice associated with test specification and validation of complex software-intensive embedded systems
  • Includes detailed examples from industry to illustrate real-world solutions
  • Provides a global view of the current practices in Model-Based Testing, helping engineers choose the most appropriate solution
  • Presents model-based testing from various perspectives, combining aspects of embedded systems and software


What the experts have to say about Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems:

"This book is exactly what is needed at the exact right time in this fast-growing area. From its beginnings over 10 years ago of deriving tests from UML statecharts, model-based testing has matured into a topic with both breadth and depth. Testing embedded systems is a natural application of MBT, and this book hits the nail exactly on the head. Numerous topics are presented clearly, thoroughly, and concisely in this cutting-edge book. The authors are world-class leading experts in this area and teach us well-used and validated techniques, along with new ideas for solving hard problems.

"It is rare that a book can take recent research advances and present them in a form ready for practical use, but this book accomplishes that and more. I am anxious to recommend this in my consulting and to teach a new class to my students."

—Dr. Jeff Offutt, professor of software engineering, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

"This handbook is the best resource I am aware of on the automated testing of embedded systems. It is thorough, comprehensive, and authoritative. It covers all important technical and scientific aspects but also provides highly interesting insights into the state of practice of model-based testing for embedded systems."

—Dr. Lionel C. Briand, IEEE Fellow, Simula Research Laboratory, Lysaker, Norway, and professor at the University of Oslo, Norway

"As model-based testing is entering the mainstream, such a comprehensive and intelligible book is a must-read for anyone looking for more information about improved testing methods for embedded systems. Illustrated with numerous aspects of these techniques from many contributors, it gives a clear picture of what the state of the art is today."

—Dr. Bruno Legeard, CTO of Smartesting, professor of Software Engineering at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France, and co-author of Practical Model-Based Testing

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

A Taxonomy of Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems from Multiple Industry Domains, J. Zander, I. Schieferdecker, and P.J. Mosterman

Behavioral System Models versus Models of Testing Strategies in Functional Test Generation, A. Huima

Test Framework Architectures for Model-Based Embedded System Testing, S.P. Masticola and M. Gall


Part II: Automatic Test Generation

Automatic Model-Based Test Generation from UML State Machines, S. Weissleder and H. Schlingloff

Automated Statistical Testing for Embedded Systems, J.H. Poore, L. Lin, R. Eschbach, and T. Bauer

How to Design Extended Finite State Machine Test Models in Java, M. Utting

Automatic Testing of LUSTRE/SCADE Programs, V. Papailiopoulou, B. Seljimi, and I. Parissis

Test Generation Using Symbolic Animation of Models, F. Dadeau, F. Peureux, B. Legeard, R. Tissot, J. Julliand, P.-A. Masson, and F. Bouquet


Part III: Integration and Multi-level Testing

Model-Based Integration Testing with Communication Sequence Graphs, F. Belli, A. Hollmann, and S. Padberg

A Model-Based View onto Testing: Criteria for the Derivation of Entry Tests for Integration Testing, M. Broy and A. Pretschner

Multilevel Testing for Embedded Systems, A. Marrero Perez and S. Kaiser

Model-Based X-in-the-Loop Testing, J. Grossmann, P. Makedonski, H.-W. Wiesbrock, J. Svacina, I. Schieferdecker, and J. Grabowski


Part IV: Specific Approaches

A Survey of Model-Based Software Product Lines Testing, S. Oster, A. Wubbeke, G. Engels, and A. Schörr

Model-Based Testing of Hybrid Systems, T. Dang

Reactive Testing of Nondeterministic Systems by Test Purpose-Directed Tester, J. Vain, A. Kull, M. Kääramees, M. Markvardt, and K. Raiend

Model-Based Passive Testing of Safety-Critical Components, S. Gruner and B. Watson


Part V: Testing in Industry

Applying Model-Based Testing in the Telecommunication Domain, F. Abbors, V.-M. Aho, J. Koivulainen, R. Teittinen, and D. Truscan

Model-Based GUI Testing of Smartphone Applications: Case S60™ and Linux®, A. Jääskeläinen, T. Takala, and M. Katara

Model-Based Testing in Embedded Automotive Systems, P. Skruch, M. Panek, and B. Kowalczyk


Part VI: Testing at the Lower Levels of Development

Testing-Based Translation Validation of Generated Code, M. Conrad

Model-Based Testing of Analog Embedded Systems Components, L. Barford

Dynamic Verification of SystemC Transactional Models, L. Pierre and L. Ferro



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