Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures

Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures

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  • Presents the latest technologies in new building materials-particularly new types of concrete-and new construction methods for steel and concrete structures
  • Discusses foundation construction for different types of industrial applications (buildings, storage tanks, pipelines, towers, offshore structures, etc.)
  • Examines different loads that affect industrial buildings utilizing both ACI (American Concrete Institute) and BS (British Standard) building codes
  • Contains a dedicated chapter on soil testing and preparation
  • Includes numerous examples, international case studies
  • Makes electronic spreadsheets for cost calculations readily available online


The recent worldwide boom in industrial construction and the corresponding billions of dollars spent every year in industrial, oil, gas, and petrochemical and power generation project, has created fierce competition for these projects. Strong management and technical competence will bring your projects in on time and on budget. An in-depth exploration of both these aspects and the resulting challenges, Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures provides a practical guide to the design of reinforced concrete and steel structures and foundations in industrial projects.

Renowned expert Mohamed A. El-Reedy covers the entire industrial construction process, from project management to design and construction to sigh off and providing a maintenance plan. Highlighting the differences between industrial construction and real estate or residential construction, he examines every phase and every role, from managerial to technical. He includes cases from industrial projects and covers the international technical practices, codes, and standards used in steel or concrete onshore or offshore projects. The book provides up-to-date methodologies in structure analysis, geotechnical studies, and international special codes and standards for industrial structures such as tanks, foundation under towers, machines, and special structures in industrial projects. It also examines the safety and economic benefits of developing a structure integrity management system.

When a project has a budget that seems as huge at the structure itself, the client, engineering firm, and contractor must work together to achieve success. Discussing the interface between these three main partners, this book outlines strategies for checking the design and controlling a project in all its phases.

Table of Contents


Construction Management for Industrial Projects
Project Characteristics
Project Life Cycle
Is This Project Successful?
Project Management Tasks
Project Manager Skill
Project Planning
Responsibilities of the Planning Team
Estimating Time Required for an Activity
Cost Management
Project Risk Management

Loads on Industrial Structures
Load Combinations

Design of Foundations for Vibrating Equipment
Machine Requirements
Foundation Design Guidelines
Design Checklist

Storage Tank Design
Concrete Storage Tanks
Retaining Wall
Steel Storage Tank
Ring Beam Design Consideration

Static Equipment Foundation Design
Design Procedure
Anchor Bolts
Slide Plates
Pier Design
Foundation Design
Example: Heat Exchanger Data
Separator Design Example
Vertical Vessel Foundation Design
Example for Vertical Vessel
Pipe Support

Steel Structures in Industry
Stress–Strain Behavior of Structural Steel
Design Procedure
Steel Pipe Rack Design
Stairway and Ladders
Crane Supports
Anchor Bolt Design

Assessment of Existing Structures
Preliminary Inspection
Detailed Inspection
Test Methods for Corroded Steel in Concrete
Structure Evaluation Technique
Structural Assessment

Methods of Protecting Foundations from Corrosion
Corrosion Inhibitor
Galvanized Steel Bars
Stainless Steel
Fiber Reinforcement Bars
Protecting Concrete Surfaces
Cathodic Protection System

Repair of Industrial Structures
Main Steps to Execute Repair
Cleaning the Concrete Surface and Steel Reinforcement
New Patches of Concrete
Execution Methods
Repair Steps
New Methods for Strengthening Concrete Structures
Using Steel Sections
Fiber-Reinforced Polymer
General Precaution

Economic Study for Maintenance Plan
Basic Rules of Cost Calculation
Repair Time
Repair and Inspection Strategy and Optimization
Maintenance Plan

Overview of Fixed Offshore Structures
Types of Offshore Platforms
Major Steps in Constructing an Offshore Structure
Offshore Platform Design Overview
Design Quality Control
Construction Procedures

Soil Investigation and Pile Design
Soil Exploration Methods
Deep Foundation

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