Managing Web Projects

Managing Web Projects

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  • Provides management guidelines for web-based projects including web hosting, data center migrations, site security, content development, load testing, VOIP, business continuity and disaster recovery, and Virtual Private Networks
  • Includes a complete set of work instructions that provide the foundation for an ISO 9001 certified program for Internet Service Providers, development groups, and professional service organizations
  • Contains practical, common sense tips as well as proven tools and templates
  • Adapts tools, methods, and techniques to managing programs, program offices, and ongoing support functions
  • Shapes, unifies, and directs the expectations of project teams and their customers


Getting Web projects done right and delivered on time is all about efficiency. Putting the information you need and tools you can rely on at your ready disposal—Managing Web Projects—is a complete guide for project managers in the Internetworking industry. Whether you are a Web developer or an Internet Service Provider, whether your project is a quick fix, a complete overhaul, or a new start-up, this resource provides you with an organized path. It will walk you through a typical project life cycle, while providing you with all the tools and definitions needed to take charge and instill confidence in your staff and your customers.

Invaluable for those seeking ISO 9001 certification, the text includes a number of detailed Work Instructions that can be used to develop a formal quality management system specific to a project management organization. They can also be leveraged in a TQM (Total Quality Management) or a Six Sigma environment. The book includes:

  • Management guidelines for web hosting, data center migrations, site security, content development, application and Web site loading and testing, VPNs, VoIP, business continuity, and disaster recovery
  • An Internet project management glossary, a technical Internetworking glossary, and a project management acronym table
  • A tools suite with a proven record of success for project initiation, planning, execution, control, and close out

This complete resource provides the resources needed—including dozens of time-tested templates, schedules, checklists, and flow charts—to become fully versed in and aligned with the nine knowledge areas and five major processes codified by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

Table of Contents

Introduction. How to Use This Book. Project Integration. ISP Project Life Cycle. Project Scope Management. Scope Change Management. Work Break Down Structures. Risk Management. Project Time Management. Customer Program Offices. Human Resource Management. Communications Management. Quality Management. Project Management & Consulting Opportunities. Process Maps and Diagrams. PM End-to-End Engagement Flowchart: Map A. Pre-Sales Process End-to-End: Map B. eSD Rapid Review Sub-Process Diagram: Map C.

Author Bio(s)

Edward B. Farkas, PMP is an international speaker and consultant who has managed over $6 billion of aviation, construction, engineering, e-commerce, IT, homeland security, and telecommunications projects worldwide. He is also a patent holding engineer and, schedule permitting, a teacher at the City University of New York.

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