Fixed Mobile Convergence Handbook

Fixed Mobile Convergence Handbook

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  • Details the approach to eliminate the vertical silo structure and transform into a horizontal-layered architecture

  • Discusses implementation of global standardization frameworks, such as IEEE 802.21
  • Describes an authentication method aimed at providing consistent security communications in FMC environments
  • Explores the principal classes of stakeholders who participate in the FMC industry and explains how network integration benefits consumers
  • Provides case studies to illustrate technical and systematic implementation of internet access via FMC
  • Addresses issues such as candidate network discovery, call admission control, secure context transfer, and power management for multimode terminals


Requirements for next generation networks (NGNs) are fueling an architectural evolution. Service providers are obliged to give users access to content anytime, anyhow, anywhere, on any device. This requires a converged infrastructure in which users across multiple domains can be served through a single unified domain and all network services and business units can be consolidated on a single IP infrastructure.

The Fixed Mobile Convergence Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the design, implementation, and management of converged cellular/WiFi wireless networks. This book discusses how FMC is transforming technologies as multimedia ceases to be passively consumed and unidirectional—and becomes increasingly mobile, personalized and interactive. This book also describes ways to ensure that networks remain cost-effective, scalable, reliable, and secure in the face of constant technological evolution.

This material encapsulates the state of FMC, covering everything from basic concepts to research-grade material and future directions. Addressing a broad range of topics, the handbook consists of 16 chapters authored by 44 experts from around the world. Subjects include:

  • Femtocell network technology and applications
  • Deployment modes and interference avoidance
  • Architecture for power efficiency
  • Conversational quality and network planning
  • Design of SIP-based mobility management protocols

Highly respected in their field, the authors anticipate the key issues and problems that FMC presents—from application inception and deployment to system interconnection and Quality of Service (QoS). Ideal for professional mobile technology designers and/or planners, researchers (faculty members and graduate students), this book provides specific salient features and information that will guide innovation in the 21st century and beyond.

Syed Ahson is a senior software design engineer with Microsoft. Previously, he was a senior staff software engineer with Motorola, where he was a leading contributor in the creation of several iDEN, CDMA, and GSM cellular phones.

Dr. Mohammad Ilyas is associate dean for research and industry relations at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. A consultant to several national and international organizations, Dr. Ilyas is a member of both the IEEE and ASEE.

Table of Contents

Fixed Mobile Convergence: The Quest for Seamless Mobility, D. Gallucci, S. Giordano, D. Puccinelli, N.S. Krishna Tejawsi, and S. Vanini

User-Centric Convergence in Telecom Networks, S. Albayrak, F. Sivrikaya, A.C. Toker, and M.A. Khan

Femtocell Networks: Technologies and Applications, E.Cheol Kim and J.Y. Kim

Fixed Mobile Convergence Based on 3G Femtocell Deployments, A. Fernández-Durán, M. Molina-García, and J.I. Alonso

Deployment Modes and Interference Avoidance for Next-Generation Femtocell Networks, I. Güvenç, M.E. Sahin, H.A. Mahmoud, and H. Arslan

Conversational Quality and Wireless Network Planning in Fixed Mobile Convergence, M. Molina-García, A. Fernández-Durán, and J.I. Alonso

Convergence and Interworking of Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks, P. Talebi Fard and V.C.M. Leung

Application-Controlled and Power-Efficient Personal Area Network Architecture for FMC, S.R. Chaudhry and H.S. Al-Raweshidy

Mobility Management Protocols Design for IPv6-Based Wireless and Mobile Networks, L.- J. Zhang, L. Zhang, L. Marchand, and S. Pierre

SIP-Based Mobility Management and Multihoming in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, C. Kiat Yeo, B. Sung Lee, T. Meng Lim, D.D. Nguyen, and Y. Xia

Vertical Handover System in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Y.-S. Kim, D.-H. Kwon, and Y.-J. Suh

A Framework for Implementing IEEE 802.21 Media-Independent Handover Services, W.-S. Lim and Y.-J. Suh

Converged NGN-Based IPTV Architecture and Services, E. Mikoczy and P. Podhradsky

Interconnection of NGN-Based IPTV Systems, M. O. van Deventer, P. Nooren, R. Kadlic, and E. Mikoczy

End-to-End QoS and Policy-Based Resource Management in Converged NGN, D. Sun and R. Nagarajan

Presence User Modeling and Performance Study of Single and Multi-Throttling on Wireless Links, V. Beltran and J. Paradells


Editor Bio(s)

Syed Ahson is a senior software design engineer with Microsoft. As part of the Mobile Voice and Partner Services group, he is currently engaged in research on new and exciting end-to-end mobile services and applications. Before joining Microsoft, Syed was a senior staff software engineer with Motorola, where he contributed significantly in leading roles toward the creation of several iDEN, CDMA, and GSM cellular phones. He has extensive experience with wireless data protocols, wireless data applications, and cellular telephony protocols. Before joining Motorola, Syed worked as a senior software design engineer with NetSpeak Corporation (now part of Net2Phone), a pioneer in VoIP telephony software.

Dr. Mohammad Ilyas is associate dean for research and industry relations at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. Previously, he has served as chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and interim associate vice president for research and graduate studies. He received his Ph.D degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. His doctoral research was about switching and flow control techniques in computer communication networks. He received his BSc degree in electrical engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan, and his MS degree in electrical and electronic engineering at Shiraz University, Iran.

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