Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering: Machinery and Equipment

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  • Covers all types of engine and propulsion systems: design, operation, and maintenance
  • Includes numerous line drawings and diagrams that explain concepts and intricacies of design
  • Provides information on cargo refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, and deck equipment
  • Presents a logical flow of material — all chapters progress from working principles to construction and design features to operation and maintenance
  • Summary

    Written at a level suitable for senior students of marine engineering and entry level marine engineers, this book covers main propulsion machineries, auxiliaries, and all ship-board systems and equipments that come under the purview of a marine engineer. The chapters progress from working principles to construction and design features to operation and maintenance. A separate chapter covers inherent hazards in a running engine as well as the built-in safety features and fail-safe devices to combat it. Copious line drawings and composite diagrams demonstrate the concepts and intricacies of design. An added feature is the section on watch-keeping, since that is truly a test of skill and competence of a sailing engineer.

    Table of Contents

    Types of Ships and Propulsion Machineries. Diesel Engines. Engine Components. Engine Systems. Hazards and Safety Devices. Engine Operation and Maintenance. Boilers. Steam Turbines. Auxilliary Equipments. Pumps and Piping. Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation. Propeller Shaft and Propeller. Deck Machineries. Hull Equipments. Watch Keeping.

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