Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations, Fourth Edition

Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations, Fourth Edition

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  • Provides a blueprint for controlling energy use in buildings
  • Simplifies complex energy saving calculations
  • Discusses how to determine if investing time and money into an undeveloped project is the right decision
  • Covers all aspects of energy use in buildings, from lights and insulation to fans and pumps
  • Summary

    Updated with new material on thermodynamics to provide a blueprint for controlling energy use in buildings, this reference will save you countless hours doing energy feasibility studies and associated calculations. A practicing engineer, the author shares his secrets for simplifying complex energy calculations and shows how to use his unique, time-saving methods. Using concise, innovative decision-making tools, he demonstrates how to cut through the maze of detail so that you can determine whether to invest real time and money into developing details on a project under consideration. Key topics covered include the walk-through audit, lighting, pumps, fans, motors, insulation, fuel switching, heat recovery, HVAC, and energy myths. The book also supplies a summary of energy calculations and an appendix of the author’s retrofit rules.

    Table of Contents

    The Walk-Through Audit
    Simple Thermodynamics
    Fuel Switching
    Heat Recovery
    Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
    Summary of Calculations
    Energy Myths & Magic
    Appendix: Richard’s Retrofit Rules Index

    Editorial Reviews

    "That it is written by an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer with a great deal of practical experience shines out from this book which, whilst firmly based on fundamentals looks for and provides straight forward ways of making engineering decisions using simple calculations."

    – In International Journal of Ambient Energy, October 2008, Vol. 29, No. 4

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